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      I don’t know about anyone else, but I think being thrown in Juvy for protecting your child is a little more than messed up.

      Here’s what happened:

      There’s this guy at my new school (I switched schools about two months ago… their academic program was better.) that is constantly calling me a c***, b****, sl**, fat wh***, and all sorts of vulgar things I don’t dare repeat.

      Well, last Wednesday, I finally got tired of it. I said, "Look, dude, you can call me whatever you want, but in the end it’s you who is going to go home and feel like a royal jackass. I have enough on my mind without you being constantly…

      I’d had enought, so I went to my locker, grabbed my belongings, and went down to the office and asked Mrs. Spagia to call my Dad. She said she couldn’t, since she didn’t have my teacher’s permission, so I called him on my cellphone. Dad asked if it was that kid that messing with me and I said yes. He said he’d be there in half an hour to get me.Just then, my vice principal comes running up behind me and starts screaming into the general direction of my phone, "I’m not stupid Mr. LaTour, I know she’s called YOU again… You had better not come get her, she can’t get away that easy this time, and we aren’t going to suspend her like she wants." I hung up because she was getting mad because she could hear my Dad laughing on the phone. She tried to grab my arm, but I jumped out of her reach and said, "Fine, I’ll go back to the classroom, but I’m sitting in the hallway. I don’t want to be near Justin." I started walking back down the hallway. I turned to see if she was following me, and saw her motion for someone to come over. Just then, I was slammed against a wall by this dude at this school who is supposedly "allowed to do what they call restraints."He was pushing my stomach into the wall and I asked him to stop. He said he couldn’t let me go. I made it clear that that was not what I was asking, but that he needed to stop pushing on my stomach as I’m pregnant. He said "You should have thought about that before you hit a teacher." I never hit a teacher, but he insisted that he saw the whole thing. He said that I punched her in the face. By now, I’m bawling because he’s hurting me and I’m scared about my baby. I asked him again to please stop pushing my belly into the wall. He said ,"That’s it, you’re struggling too much, you’re going to the floor." He grabbed me, fingers interlaced, and started pulling me to the floor by my stomach. I asked him again to stop and reminded him that I was pregnant. He said, "You keep saying that, but do you honestly expect me to believe you?" I started crying harder, and went to go pull his hand off of my belly andhad two other people come from behind me, grab my arms, and twist them behind my back so that the backs of my hands were touching the back of my head. I screamed because it hurt, and two others grabbed my ankles. I panicked, as I was worried about my baby, and I bit him on the the arm. I couldn’t think of anything else to do.. I was so scared. They all managed to throw me on the floor, where some fat lady sat on my back, now pushing my stomach into the floor. I stopped fighting, because I realized that they didn’t care about my baby the slightest bit.:angry: When the cop got there I told him I was pregnant, and he yelled at the lady on my back..he was really nice to me through the whole thing. I really appreciated it. He had to call the probation department to see what they wanted, and I was kinda scared because I’ve never been in trouble before. tHey said juvy, So he had to to take me. I spent two and a half days there, and had my release hearing last Friday morning. They let me go, but gave me a month of house arrest.. I have to go back to court in a couple of months to see if they are going to put me back in Juvy, give me longer house arrest, probation, or just let me go home.. I hope they let me go home, as that was how this came about in the first place, and because I hope that someone understands what it’s like to feel like your child’s life is in danger. This experience was terrible, and I hope I never have to go through it again.. On a good side note, I went to my first prenatal appointment, and the baby is healthy as far as my doctor can tell. She told me that I am 2 and a half months!! I thought maybe about one, but nope, two and a half! She asked me what I wanted and I said a girl, and she told me I have a good chance of having a girl, since I’m carrying low..

      I hope anyone who reads this understands how I felt… because I just need to know that someone out there thinks that I was right..

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        yeah i completely know how you feel!!!! and a situation somewhat similar happened with me…. just not at school and not with cops but i thought my babys life was in danger so i was hitting kicking pulling and everything


          That is horrible and those people should be in a lot of trouble but i have some news for you…Carrying Low is a BOY…i know this b/c i carried high my frist pregnancy and now have a 18 mos old daughter and I’m carrying low this time and am due to deliver a baby boy any time now! 🙂 one thing you want to listen to to is the heart beat…low is a boy high is a girl..Just thought i would fill you in..Good luck with your baby and i hope everything turns out ok..


            omg that is crazy they had no right to do that to you exp when you were preg, that is so crazy i fully understand what you did and dont think you should be punnished


              Yeah, as crazy as everything is, everything with the baby seems to be ok.. And Yes, my mom told me the same thing – carrying low means boy. I’m glad to see that someone out there understands.

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