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      i never really knew what i was had untill yesterday evening.. my whole world seemed as though it came to a stand still.after it happened i knew my life would never be the same.

      im 7 weeks… well was 7 weeks pregnant, i made the choice of keeping my baby, i was so excited even though i hadnt told my parents, and my boyfriend gave me a lot of trouble and heartache about the situation.we split up about a week agoand then got back together. all the confusement my boyfriend had ended with a bang as well.

      i woke up yesterday morning with the worst cramps amd mild bleeding,but continued my day as normal,while i was at work i tried to get to the doc but he was full i then saw i was bleeding even worse, the pain got worse so did the bleeding, when 4 o clock came i was soaking a pad within about 3 hours. i got home and the cramps were extremly bad. i ended up telling my mom, who then took me to the doc. i then had to come out with the news that i was pregnant. she was not even upset she was upset i never told her, she wanted to help me, she never told my dad though as they divorced. we called my boyfriend, he came down to the doctors, and thats when i had the ultasound, i looked at the screen in disbelief, my baby was gone, i had a misscarriage, i have cried and cried non stop since last night. my bf doesn seem to upset it hurts me even more as my heart is just breaking i dont even know how i am going to get through this now

      its so true what they say, you just dont know what you have untill it is taken from you. id give anything to be given another chance to give that baby life take its first breath, and for some reason im blaming myself for it:(


        I just wanted to send you a million hugs and tell you how very sorry i am, i know that cant even begin to make it any better, but i am truley sorry for your loss

        if you ever want to talk or anything let me know


          My heart goes out to you. Miscarriages are very difficult for women. Your mom gets a big hug too. Sounds like she handled the sitation beautifully.
          As for your bf-I don’t believe men are capable of understanding the pain women experience after miscarriage. My opinion is that they can’t comprehend the idea of carrying a life.
          It is normal to blame yourself. Please don’t though. Share with your mother how you feel. May I suggest that you seek a professional to chat with? In general, most women receive some bit of peace after speaking with a trained professional about their pain.
          May peace find you and wrap you in a beautiful, loving embrace. Love to you.


            Oh Hun it’s not your fault. It’s going to be okay I promise. If you ever want to talk or anything let me know okay? You can write to me in my profile anytime…


              girl…. first of all, i wanna say to you, that if there is anything u wanna talk about…if there is anything i can do to help n’t know if there is anything that hurts more than that…but, you have to hang on…babe you really have to, belive me it’s hard but you can make it!!!
              i send you all my love and thousands od hugs…
              if you need anything..just send me a post…i can be there for you**


                I wanted to let you know – it will get better. I had a miscarriage over a year ago, 3-3-07. I was eleven weeks pregnant. For me, it was the hardest time in my life – I am only 17 (15 at the time.) I had just learned to accept the fact I was pregnant and I was dealing with all the changes I would have to make then I had my miscarriage. For a long time I wished I still had my baby and I would do anything to have it back. It is still hard for me to think about but I have come to accept it. God took my baby away for a reason.. maybe I wasn’t ready or maybe it was a second chance for me. This is one thing I would NEVER EVER wish on anyone else but I feel for you. I know the pain you are feeling and everything. It isn’t your fault at all – I thought if only I would’ve done this.. or if only I would’ve done that but really it wasn’t in your control. If you want to talk or anything, I am here.

                – Taylor

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