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      Hey everyone, My name is Melissa and I just turned 21 the end of May. I have a one year old daughter and am 13 weeks pregnant with my second child. Both of my pregnancy’s were unplanned, but I am so happy I kept them. I love my daughter with all my heart. when I look into my daughter’s eyes, I know I will feel the same love for my unborn baby as I do for her. Things are definitely crazy. I mean, when I was 19 I got pregnant with my daughter. I was not married, and I was shocked and scared. I did end up marrying my daughter’s father and he is also the father of my second. Even though I was and am young, I got through it! All you girls out there who feel they are too young to have a child, or feel alone and scared, just know you are not alone. Right now I am studying to be a Doula(Labor Coach). I attended one of my close friend’s birth of her two beautiful twin girls. I am privelaged to help young girls through the emotional rollercoasters of being pregnant and having a baby. I am not certified yet, so some girls do not want my help, but I will help anyone. I can’t travel anywhere outside of New York because of my daughter, but I am available to talk. I have read enough and been through it to feel confident to help. I charge nothing and I am here to talk, e-mail, write, or be there physically. You are not alone. there are people willing to help. You just need to take that step and make that effort to get that help. Anyone who would like to talk or has any questions, or just wants to vent, feel free to ask. Good luck everyone, and keep a smile on your face!
      ~Melissa :laugh:


        hey melissa, my name is vera. i have a question. i just found out i am pregnant yesterday, the only thing is, i just had twins only three months ago. i honestly didnt think that i could become pregnant so soon after giving birth. i am definately going to keep this baby, but i am worried that my body hasnt fully recovered yet. im really nervous, that maybe i wont be able to carry this baby to term, or that there will be problems throughout the pregnancy if you know anything about what i can do to make sure this pregnancy is healthy and to term, please let me know. also, because you’ve been a labor coach i am wondering if you recommend water births. i am considering it for this birth. any information you have that can help me is greatly appreciated. thank you so much -vera 🙂


          Hey Vera,
          Sorry for not getting back to you till now. You know how crazy things are with kids. 😆
          As far as I know, there is no scientific anything that says that if you just had twins 3 months before or very soon before becoming pregnant again, you can’t carry them to term. So, let out that breath you’ve been holding. Your right when you say that your body is not fully recovered. Of course this pregnancy will be different because it is a single pregnancy not a multiple. I think it will probably be easier for you. You will probably beable to do more and beable to breath better. I’ve never had twins, but I attended a friend’s birth who had twin girls. I have to tell you that she definitely had a harder time with her pregnancy than I did with my daughter and than I am with this one. I think, you should do more research, research is great and it’s fun! And ask your Doctor or Midwife what they think. As a Labor Coach, I would suggest for yur birth anything that you think will be more relaxing and rewarding in your birthing experiance. In water births, things tend to go more quickly and smoothly because there is no gravity. Your contractions tend to be easier. I think you should research it more though, because with everything there are risks. Also, if you are seriously looking into a water birth, I suggest you find a midwife, not a doctor. Midwives tend to be more laid back and caring and more supportive of other alternatives other than lying on your back.
          If you’d like me to help you in finding midwives near you, just let me know and i’d be happy to research and find some for you to go and meet. Hope this helps!
          Be happy, stay happy and don’t worry your not the only one who gets pregnant very soon after having kids.
          Good luck! Be strong!
          ~Melissa :cheer:

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            Thank you so much for all your help, I really appreciate it. I had my first doctor appointment yesterday and my doctor said I should be able to carry to term and have a perfectly healthy pregnancy as long as I keep a healthy diet and not over work myself. The only thing is, when I asked my doctor if the hospital offered water births she said no. So I am going to have to look for a doula. I just moved to Colorado, not too long ago, a couple weeks after I had my twins, because my husbands parents live there, so I am not too familiar with the area and I dont really even know where to start looking for a doula. If you know of any in the Denver area that would be great, thanks much. -Vera

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