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      So what are you all going to do after you make it through school and jobs and careers with your babies? I mean, you can still have dreams and follow them. I know all of you awesome teen moms have dreams. So I made a thread talking about what we’re all going to do when we graduate and stuff. What do you guys want to do!? 🙂 Even for those of you who aren’t pregnant, this is just a thread to talk about our future dreams and what plans we have for our lives 🙂 I know being a mom means you have to work around your dreams and put your baby first, but you can still follow your dreams if you set your mind to it! And it’s not just like what your career is gonna be, also just like…maybe you want to go skinny dipping one day…or go rock climbing. Or take your baby to Disneyland soon. This is just a fun and exciting thread to discuss the BRIGHT FUTURES that we all have.


        This was a nice little pick me up. It really helped to remind me that there is no reason that I can’t still be everything I ever wanted to be.

        Rina Alba

          I’ve been thinking about the same thing these past few days because we all know life doesnt have to stop after giving birth. I already graduated last 2008 and had a job. What I wanted to do now is to pursue masteral studies and start saving for a house of my own. I also thought of saving for vacation somewhere else like hit a beach or visit a country. Life is so short we have to live the best of it.


            That sounds awesome! 🙂 Goodluck and have fun. I know we can all still follow our dreams…it all comes down to us and weather we truly believe in ourselves or not. It’s all up to us. We just gotta have faith. It’ll happen. Life goes on…and you just gotta roll with it. If you want to save up for a house, do it. If you want to finish school, do it. If you want to graduate, do it! There is always a way. It’s up to us to find out that way and persue it. Because God NEVER gives us a situation that we can’t handle. And he has great plans for each and every one of us.


              Definately, well I want to pursue a degree in business and hotel administration. I will need to take care of my baby first once its born but i honestly would love to go back to school. My family says your pretty much screwed after you have a child cause you have no time for anything,but im passionate about proving them wrong. *sorry for the expression*

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