Yeast infection pill!!! plz answer.

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      Has anyone ever had anything bad happen from taking Diflucan (flucazanole) the yeast infection pill to their baby…. I think i might have taken one before knowing I was pregnant and ive looked online but its not really clear, it was one of the 150mg. 🙁 im actually really scared now because i just found out a friend friends baby might be born with some defects and I wouldnt want anything like that to happen to my baby. Please respond.


        I have not heard anything in specific about diflucan messing up your baby…before I knew I was preg I went to the hospital becuase I didnt know what was going on with me (I was preg) they gave me a urine and a blood test both negative then they tested me for all STD’s and stuff. Everything came back negative. They told me I had PID (Ididnt) I knew enough about it and how you get it and I kept telling them I knew I didnt. They didnt know what to do for me so they gave me pain pills and MAJOR anti-biotics. The anti-biotics (that I didnt need) gave me a HORRIBLE yeast infection. The pain pills didnt do a thing!! So I went back, they gave me monistat and diff meds and made a follow up apt. for me with a gynecolgist to find out what was going on. It was 2 weeks later so I didnt sleep with my boyfriend because I had a yeast infection and I didnt know what was going on with my body. I went to the apt. and they had me give urine. They did a preg test and it was positive. I had her give me 2 more LOL I tested neg on a blood test 2 weeks earlier and hadnt had sex. Well they sent me straight to a radiologist because of the situation and they told me that my daughter was a tubal pregnancy and she had slipped out and replanted just in time or she would have killed me. Needless to say they had given me EVERYTHING you dont want to give a pregnant woman and my little girl (almost 5) turned out just fine. Dont worry babies are tough and if something comes up just give it to the Lord :)…Meg


          when i was about 28 weeks prego with my son i found out i had a yeast inection and i think thats what they gave me. if you are really worried about it be sure to talk to your doctor. its better to be safe than sorry.

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