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      Im 15 years old. I just had my abortion Saturday. (nov. 24) Im still hurt emotionally and physically. I dont know what to do now. I thought I made the right choice but now I realize it was all wrong. My boyfriend was behind me on whatever I decided to do. But I know it hurt him alot too. I cry all the time when im by my self. Im trying to be strong for everybody esp. my boyfriend. What should I do??


        My dear girl friend.

        It must be really pain. But you have done it and there is no use regretting it. What has passed has passed. Just try to help other’s realize this mistake. Cry now, let yourself be sad now. Then pick yourself up and carry on in life. If you are religious, do ask the baby for forgiveness and pray that his/her’s soul would rest in peace. I hope that you would be ok. Take care!


          it’s been a year since i had my abortion and its been really hard. i’ve tried anything and everything to feel better but there isnt anything other than time. It still hurts so much but the pain lessens. Just try and keep yourself busy. the desicion is made so there is nothing you can do but move on. and if you need to cry, then cry because it is the best way to let go. hope everything goes well.


            This is the time to cry and be sad, allow yourself to feel your feelings. Try to write it down as later you may want to read it again.


              There is no need to "be strong". You’re allowed to not be ok after an abortion. It is not something you bounce back from. Yes, your body may bounce back but it might take a lot more time for you to emotionally.

              I would suggest a support group. This is not something you can just deal with on your own. It is good to meet other women who have been through the same thing. It is also beneficial to talk about what you are going through with other people who have been there.

              Let me tell you how to find a support group in your area. Go to http://www.optionline.org, click on "find a center", type in your zip code, click search and a list of pregnancy resource centers will come up. Call one and tell them you would like to get in a post abortion group. They will be happy to help you. The best news is that it is free!

              You can get through this. You just got to believe.



                I feel awful for u. I was forced into an abortion when I was 22weeks with twins n i still cant cope. Ive been to a councillor n everything. how r ur parents with u?


                  I am sorry you are sad, in a way that is a healthy reaction to the loss of your pregnancy. Allow yourself to feel what you feel.
                  Write it down as you may want to refer back to it if you get stuck. You will need support of others who know what you are going through, there are some really helpful people out there and some shark so take care.


                    Hope Alive really works for this issue, it is very tough going but it goes there.

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