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      I think that everyone should write their lost babies a letter like i did. i noticed another girl did aswell. It does help a little bit.

      who knows maybe your child is even reading it an realizing how much u truly love them.


        🙂 That’s a good idea. I’ve also heard that some girls who name and make ‘gravestones’ so they can bury their lost babies helps too. Sort of like a send-off from this world to the next.


          I think writing a letter is a wonderful idea:) poetry is also a great way of expressing your emotions.

          Also, what Enya’s saying is true. Having a memorial helps some women cope, We kept our daughter’s remains and buried them in our garden, then we planted a tree above it, as a sort of ‘grave stone’. Some mothers also light a candle on the day of the day their baby should have been born and keep it burning for 24 hours. I’ve also heard that art, gardening and keeping a journal have helped women deal with their emotions.

          Love and hugs for all the mommy’s to angel’s in heaven,
          Evangeline xoxo


            I think that having a memorial is a good idea. It can allow you to grieve in a healthy way.
            I read your letter… It was really beautiful.

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