Wow, daddy. You’re not what I thought you were.

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      [size=1][color=hotpink]So, originally I was going to have an abortion once I found out I was pregnant. I’ve always been incredibly pro-choice and realized it could ruin my life if I had a kid. But one day, while I was sitting in my room, having a cigarette and listening to music, my ITunes decided to screw with my head.

      A song called "Can I Live?" by Nick Cannon started to play and as I listened to the lyrics, I thought, My God, what the hell am I doing?!

      I called Jake, the father, and told him the truth. I said I wanted to have this child and give it up for adoption knowing full well I can’t support it myself. And you know what he said?

      "Like I said. It’s your decision. But as shitty as it sounds, I can’t be tied to it. Because I’m trying to get my life straight and that would completely destroy everything. Rubee, I don’t know if I still want contact with you. I just can’t be brought into it."

      Anyone else got a jerk for their baby’s dad? :dry:[/color][/size]



        My baby’s bio-logical dad is a jerk too. Know you’re not alone. When I told him I was pregnant he gave me two options, abortion or adoption. I chose adoption and it’s been an amazing blessing so far. Ethan (my son) was born on the 20th of July. The family I chose is exactly what I’ve always wanted for my kids. I have an amazing relationship with them and it is so incredibly open most people think it’s weird. I could move down the street from them and they are ok with that. Open is the way to go and it can be a great thing if you make it that way. I’d love to talk with you if you want! Good luck girl. Adoption is incredibly hard but God can help you get through it if you ask Him too, also a good support system is necessary.


          Thanks for the advice, dear. I’m really hoping the couple I give my child to is as kind as yours was.


            Dont feel bad your not the only with and idiot for a babys father. Mine is a total stick in the butt. I had my daughter when I was 15 and he hasnt been any help since I had her. Anyway im 17 now and me and my daughter are doing great. And i didnt then and difently now dont need her father!!


              Aw, I am soooo sorry that Jake didn’t respond well! Unfortunately a pregnancy is a big strain on a relationship so that happens to a lot of girls. 🙁
              But I am so glad that you have decided not to have an abortion! Letting your baby live is a decision you will never EVER regret! 🙂


                At least you chose what YOU wanted and not what he wanted. He obviously wasnt going to stick round anyway with what choice you made.
                Who knows u might even wanna keep your bub.

                Good luck with it


                  i know exactly how you feel. my idea was, wow, yay, i am pregnant finally a child that is with a man that i actually love, but he flipped out, he made great points though and i gave in….. my nhoice not his, not for him, but for the baby and unfortunately i have to say goodbye to it. i really do wish the best for you

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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