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      Heyya, i’m new to this lol. erm I don’t know if I am pregnant and I don’t expect you to tell me. I’m currently around a day late but I have sort of abdominal pains which are different to period pain and I feel really tender in my lower stomach.. For the first time in my life I fainted twice on wednesday for no apparent reason and I havn’t felt right since, I feel sick, I realise this could just be an after effect but I was just wondering if anyone else had anything like this?
      Thanks for your help πŸ™‚ x


        Hiii, erm i think everybodys pregnancy symptoms are always different. I turned into a hormonal cow and hated everybody lol.
        The fact that your passing out for no reason could be caused by a hormanal inbalance or something.
        the best thing for you to do is take a pregnancy test chick, if its negative wait 3 days and do another, or go to your doctor and have a blood test taken.
        you may just be feeling sick from the worry, an you could be having a phantom pregnancy were you get all the symptoms because in your head your convinced your pregnant. i had about 3!
        would it be a disaster if you took a test and it was positive?
        Ami xx


          Wait until you’re a week late, and then take a test to be sure. Also, a doctor is always the best way to be sure about a pregnancy or anything, for the matter. Like 00ami said, it could be a hormonal imbalance, or just pregnancy symptoms. I got dizzy at first, and I suggest getting up slowly and getting plenty of rest. Good luck!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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