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      I had this idea with my first boyfriend that I needed to have sex with him so he would love me, because that was what all girls did. Everyone had lost their virginity, so at 16, I thought it was about time. It was just accepted, and expected.
      At 16 was also when I fell pregnant, and at 16 was also when I lost what I thought was the love of my life.
      At 17 I had my son, and at the same age converted to Christianity. So I was sort of like a virgin all over again.
      But that didnt last long…at 18 I ‘lost’ it again…and from then on had two pointless relationships, and then just random guys…I was just getting hurt…
      It seemed it was okay in this society, that’s what eveyrone else was doing, but I just didnt want to…and the thing is, being a single teen ma people just EXPECTED that you would do that.
      But I didnt want to. I once came home from a club with a guy who was supposed to be my friend, and we started making out, and then he wanted to go further, and I was going, no, no way. And he goes, ‘hey, its alright, its just a bit of fun, its cool, were just students.’
      But thats not the way I FELT, and so I had to eventually kick him out of my house. The next morning I was talkign to a friend, and she went, well hes a guy wat do you expect?
      Its not just a bit of fun girls, especially if YOU dont want to….i dont want to have sex until I get married, and three months ago i finally decided to stick to wat I WANT, no matter what popular youth culture says i shoudl do….
      All those girls who think they cant stay abstinent just because they had a baby, but who want to — it doesnt matter what other people thnk. It comes down to wat YOu want.


        I just want to say AMEN!!!! I was abstinent for 3 1/2 years until my wedding night and I had had 2 kids….I chose to remain abstinent when I was pregnant with my second….it is possible and very rewarding….plus before my husband and I married we spent so much time talking and getting to know each other and we learned so much more about each other than people who jump into having sex before marriage….what is the point of a honeymoon sweet and a honeymoon when you have already had sex??? we needed that time without seeing people we saw everyday around….even though we were both not virgins we were still a little sheepish..LOL and we needed that get away time to get to know each other sexually because we waited until then to have sex…I guess it kind of drives me nuts when I go to a wedding and I know that the bride and groom have been having sex and living together for like 3 years and then they go to some fancy hotel for their first night and go on an exotic honeymoon…marriage should be celebrated and even if the people have had sex and lived together it doesn’t mean that marriage is not as valid and important for them it just takes away from those who have "earned" that first night in a fancy hotel because it is their FIRST night….I just wish more women would stay pure or start fresh by choosing abstinence even if they are not a virgin…it makes that wedding night so much more special and memorable….I will always remember what I was wearing before the first time we had sex…a wedding dress…I can’t tell you what I was wearing before the first time I had sex with my kids fathers….what do you want your wedding night to be like???? Love Meg


          Oh lol my wedding night?! I dont even think about that! I dont even have a man, Im just living life day to day see wat happens…I say thats the way to go…lol

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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