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      Hi im laura. I havent had a period for about 2 months..roughly. Its coming to the end of September and still nothing! My boyfriend doesnt think im pregnant as weve all ready had enough pregnancy scares, one of which i had to take the morning after pill. Any way stil no period do you think i should take a pregnancy test? Im due to move to Scotland with my parents next Friday for 2 months then im coming back to germany to live with my boyfriend! My parents arent the best of people so im a little scared, i cant tell my mum about missing my period because i know it will make matters worse and i know shell cause trouble with my boyfriends parents.

      Please help?!?!?!

      Thankyou so much!!


        well i really think you are pregnant and yeah i think you should take a test before something bad could happen.;)


          hey there well yes you do need to take a test because i missed my period for 2 months but i refused to think i was pregnant and my friend told me that i needed to take it whether i wanted to or not so i did and yeah im pregnant almost 5 months now but you may think your mom will think but you dont know that she may at first but then shell come around trust me


            i posted on the other one that you definately need to take a test, esp before you leave. you need to see a doctor before you leave if you are. you need prenatals weeks ago and now is a crucial time for your baby! in the first 14 weeks is when the most miscarriages occur and when your baby needs essentials!!! take a test for you and your possible child!


              I really think that u need to take a test even if u don’t want to it the best thing that u could do right now 🙂

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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