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      I’m with my partner 3 years now and we are both very happy and ttc. i had the mirena coil removed last october. Since then i’ve been finding it kind of difficult to work out my cyle. My last period was started on the 26th January and the one before that was the 23rd December 08. Does this mean i am late? the past week or so my breasts have been killing me and i’m suffering from nausea all day everyday. I’m feeling really faint and dizzy and certain smells are making me wretch. I’m pertified of soing a test-and i think the anxiety of it all is making my symptoms worse. Normally when my period is due i would be doubled up with cramps and backache-none of that now. Do you think i could be pregant?


        Hey Kay, I would strongly suggest taking a home pregnancy test in 5days to a week from now if your period is a no-show. Also blood tests are very accurate.

        best of luck
        xox Enya


          Yeah I agree, that way the hCG has time too show up, or at least increase. So you don’t end up with a false negative. Good luck 🙂
          Keep us updated with the results.

          PS. If it is like your last period which was about 34 days apart. you would be almost a week late. So wait a week till you test, or go get a blood test.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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