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      okay well im a mommy to an almost two year old who is my life! Ive been on the bc shot since he was 2months old. A couple weeks ago I got off and started the pill I started it the day I got my period witch was the 24-25thish. The same day and day after we had a booboo if u no wat I mean. Now I feel pregnant or mayb it n my head idk. I feel sick to my stomach,headaches,dizzyness,and my tempture has ben kinda up. 98.5-99.2.and I woke up this mornin with my breast feeling funny kinda hurting. I dnt see how I could b preggo cuz of bc. O and ive ben peeing alot more. This morning it felt like someone was pinching my uterus. And I havnt slept n two nites I cant get comfutable. I took a test and nothin but its kinda early. U just need some help. Please!


        It might just be all in your head. You temperature is normal, if its above 100 then you have a fever.. But if you took a test and it said negative then it could be just your thoughts taking over. Usually within 2 weeks, you can find out. But if you miss your period, then take another test. Don’t freak yourself out. Just stay relaxed because sometimes stress can mess with your results in a test. Just try not to think about it. If you’re that concerned, go to a doctor and take a test there. I hope this helped a bit, but whatever the results are, I hope for the best! Take care.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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