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      ok. I am 15 and are going to be 16 in 2 weeks. My boyfriend of 11months and i had sex a week and a half ago and when he went to pull out, most of it went inside me. Since then i have had sharp stomach pains, exaustion, dizzyness and headaches around the same time everyday. I am also recovering from a bladder infection and i was wondering if these symptoms could just be from the infection or could i be pregnant? I also have had unexpected bleeding. Now, i have been taking my birth control but should i stop in case i am pregnant or what should i do? We are both really worried and i want to know what is going on with my body.


        Let me see if I understand this correctly…You are on birth control and have been having sex using the withdrawal method, but one time your boyfriend slipped and ejaculated inside you? If you have been taking the birth control correctly and consistently the pill probably prevented ovulation and therefore conception. However it is possible to become pregnant while on birth control. The only way to 100% protect against pregnancy is not to have sex. I wouldn’t worry too much about being pregnant until you miss your period. If you are late I would take a pregnancy test.

        I’m not sure what to reccommend about taking the birth control in the meantime. If ovulation didn’t occur (which is most likely) then taking birth control should be no problem. If ovulation and conception did occur the birth control could make implantation of a fertilized egg less likely. I don’t think that the pill has been known to cause any other birth defects or other harmful effects on a developing baby.


          Well to start off your symptoms could be caused by you being pregnant.But if this only happened about a week ago then it would take more time for you to feel any symptoms. But every woman is different. But if you are pregnant yes you do need to stop taking your birth control. And you need to take a HPT(home pregnancy test) or go to the doctor. I wish you luck and hope you get the results you want.


            don worry if i was you but take a prego test to be sure good luck .


              dont worry! you might not even be preggers, despite what people tell you its actually quite hard to conceive. but you should always use protection anyway, just in case u get unlucky like me :S i think you should stop taking the pill just incase you are preggers and it harms the baby, take a test and if it says your pregnant get to a doctor and get some advice. whatever the outcome, youll do fine 🙂 good luck!


                hi there , my advice is not to worry about it , if you miss your period then do a home pregnancy test and if your still not satisfied with the results then go to your docters, but its highly unlikely you are pregnant if you have been taking your birth control properly, but it does happen sometimes, if you want to know for sure, like i said do a pregnancy test to put your mind at rest. I know all this can be scary trust me i know im going through it alll now and im younger than you, if i can cope so can you ! 🙂 love Avalon

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