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      im 15 and im pregnant it was my first time to have intercourse and the condom broke Daniel (the father) has said before that he would take care of the baby if he got a girl pregnant but the thing is he has a girlfriend and to make matters worse im dating Daniels best friend (branden) although i have feelings for branden im in love with Daniel but the sad thing is i dont know how he feels about me and how will he react when i tell him im pregnant with his baby will he keep his word and support the baby or will he leave me a single mother? any advie on what to do would be a blessing pleas reply :unsure:


        In my opinion you have set your feelings aside and tell him. You have to tell your boy friend as well. If you know he is a man of his word than you know he will be there for you and the unborn child. You mad a mistake like many of us by putting yourself in that situation, but your child is not one of them. Allowing your desires to control you. I know you are young, but you are not alone. Stay strong. Think positve


          Ashley, I think that you really need to tell Daniel that you are pregnant. You should not feel like you are in this all alone. He is the father and you would not be pregnant without him. He also has the right to know that you are pregnant with his child. If he is an honorable person than he will do what is right. I know that what you are going through is really hard but in the end everything will be ok. Goodluck hun.


            ashley im 16 and im 7 months pregnant i have been through alot and i just want to tell you to hope for the best but always prepare yourself for the worst. dont get your hopes up thinking he will be there for you cuz you might end up alone like i did. i do have a boyfriend who wants to be the father. but the real faher wanted to do his thing so i left him. stay strong no matter what happens and let yourself know that your baby needs YOU not anyone else. so dont get too caught up on depending on others just let them know whats going on and except whatever happens be strong for you and your baby and all the millions of other young mothers. 🙂 it’ll be fine.


              You need to tell him. This is as much his baby as it is yours. Don’t be worried if he will be there or not. You can always prove the baby to be his by a DNA test if you need to and the courts will honor that as proof. You must face your fears head on and tell him. Have you told your parents yet? If not, please do. They may surprise you and be very supportive. There are many places that you can go to to get help with this pregnancy as well. I volunteer at a pregnancy center and it’s all FREE. I know that all will work out for you. For right now, put aside any fears that you have. You need to think about your baby and what is best for it. I know that you will find the strength that you need durng this time and in the future. Good luck !

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