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      Hi there I’m 19 and 29 weeks pregnant and lately I’ve been becoming extremely worried about the baby being a still born or basically dieing before she comes out. There is no history of this in either mine or the fathers family. Although when the father was born he did have the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. Anyone know what i am going through, any stories or advice would be great, i’m just so worried it is getting to me and stopping me from being excited. Please help


        I know just how you feel and it is rare when a pregnant woman doesn’t have at least one worry or fear about their baby dying…I would have the most horrible dreams about going to the bathroom and having my baby come out, take two breaths and die, If I didn’t feel my baby move as often or as strongly as I expected then I would freak out and worry that my baby was dying, it is very common to feel this way and it is really difficult to be calm and ignore the thoughts but if it does help at all at least know that you are not alone, I don’t know why we get these feelings and fears but my guess would be it is what helps the bonding process after birth, these fears are what drive pregnant women to endure so much to bring a life into the world, this is what causes us to know and be so in love with a brand new baby that we have just met, the fear of losing our babies before we ever meet them just causes us to be that much more thankful when things turn out just fine, the sad thing though is this, it doesn’t always turn out fine, that is when we just have to hold on to all that we have to trust God…I had some bad diagnosis’ with my last pregnancy, there was a pretty good chance of loosing my little girl after birth, I had to surrender all of my worries and fears and trust that whatever happened was going to happen no matter how much I stressed about it, I had to trust that God had His plan all worked out and that if I lost my little girl that He was going to carry me through…the chances of you having a healthy, perfect and happy baby are very high though, just hang in there and maybe write your baby letters in a journal to pass time and keep your focus on the positive…we are all here for you and we have all had similar fears so you can come to us for strength and refuge…Love Meg, I will keep you in my prayers


          gal, i’m going through the same thing. i’m almost 18 and 23 weeks pregnant. I’m also constently thinking about my baby being born alive. Every 5 minutes i sit still just 2 feel if the baby is moving or not. If i get any pains, i cry because i’m scared. I can’t syop worrying. I pray every night for my baby to be alive…at first i wanted a misscaraige because i was scared of being pregnant, but know i don’t want to go through that because i’m inlove with my baby. It’s hard not to worry, but we have to think positive and enjoy this precious being growing inside of us. U NOT ALONE…


            Aw sweety I had the same exact fears. I was so worried all the time! My little girl was a kicker, all the time I could her moving around inside of me. So when I was around 20-something weeks I remember that almost a whole day, I didn’t feel one single kick! I was sick to my stomach. Everyone told me to think positive, not to even let the thought come into my head that something happend to my baby. But I was worried that the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck or something. So the next day I wen’t to my doctor’s right when they opened. Ofcourse then she started kicking again! Everything was fine, she said it happens all the time. Babies need their rest too. Just keep thinking positive and imagine you giving birth to a healthy baby, picture the good and not the bad. Our mind recognizes our thoughts. People that always worry about bacteria and getting sick, usually are the ones that get sick. Unlucky things happen to people that are always down and depressed. Our body carries on what our mind thinks. So please don’t worry anymore, be excited about meeting your baby and seeing it grow up! I wish you all the best and you will be in my prayers!!



              Having fears of unseen problems with your unborn baby is natural. There are so many things that could turn your mind to worrying, even the slightest odd reading on your tests that you undergo during prenatal testing will get you so paranoid. I was told one of our tests was borderline worrysome, so I ended up going through some other major tests that were painful and made me even more scared, because of their possible complications.
              Don’t let yourself get weighed down by unnecesary concern unless you don’t feel the baby move. Having a positive outlook on your situation and surrounding yourself with positive people who love and support you are wonderful coping strategegies, but here is a more concrete way you can relieve yourself of doubt.

              Start charting your baby’s kick count every hour. Atleast 10 movements within an hour is what they want to see at the doctor’s office. They also recommend you lie down on your left side, (takes the pressure off a major atery) and drink lots of cold water. Begin your kick count and keep track of your baby’s activity. If you feel that the baby isn’t moving enough within the hour, or you feel NO movement at all…..do not hesitate to go to the emergency room or see your OBGYN as soon as possible. They won’t make you feel rediculous because even more experienced mothers worry and go in to be sure everything is alright. But lying down, drinking plenty of water, and counting those baby kicks is what I was always told to go home and do.

              May God bless you and your baby and ease any worry or fears during your pregnancy.

              Best wishes,

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