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      hi everybody (read my previous thingys to understand what im saying now).
      I was taken off my contraceptive pill over a month ago now by the doctor due to medical reasons and was still having unprotected sex with my partner as we wanted to try for a baby in the nearfuture anyway…we broke up today and i am a little worried i might be pregnant…i have had really bad headaches, been getting really sleepy, having small cramps in my stumoach and have had heavy discharge, i know for a fact i havent got an infection because i have recently had tests done but not for this!! i am really scared this is happening to me again as this is what happened (under differet curcumstances) with my ex ex!! do u think i couldbe pregnant??? i am terrified!!! please help!!:dry: :dry:


        It is possible that you might be pregnant. Try not to freak out, ok? Go and get a blood test and if it is positive then you can worry about what to do.
        If you do end up being pregnant than try to remember that this baby is a blessing! IF you can not take care of it yourself than it can be a blessing for someone else.
        Keep us updated ok? I hope that everything works out!


          i took a hpt and it came out negative that was about a week ago now and i still haven’t come on my period? what should i do now take another hpt because my doctors are useless and you have t wait like 1 month for any bloody test =s HELP!!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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