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      im just 15 weeks pregnant but my belly is hugh and i have loads of strecth marks and they wont go away i dont know what to do i havent told no one but i not sure what to do please help


        Hey, have you tried putting anything on your stretch marks? They may not go away completely now, but if you start treating them now, they’ll fade better after you have your baby. I don’t have any on my belly yet, but my breasts are covered with them, I know it’s kind of depressing. But I got this stuff called Tummy Butter, it’s made especially for stretch marks. If you go to a drug store or Walmart you should be able to find a lot of things for stretch marks, the standard thing people use is cocoa butter. Good luck, and don’t worry too much!


          Hi, It’s ok to be a little worried that they may not go away. However, if you use the coco-butter stuff that is in the store and sometimes in the baby/pregnancy areas of stores— the strech marks MAY go away. I didn’t get one stretch mark, but I think they are nice on pregnant women….. It’ll remind them/you- of the time you carried the little one.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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