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      Hello….I’ve had sex like a week & a half ago…It was my first time…but..now like a week after I’m feeling sore in my back and stomach…and i’ve been experiencing frequent headaches, having some light headedness, my breasts, do feel a little different, but I’ve been getting tired very easily…I mean I will feel tired right in the middle of the day..even when I haven’t been doing anything. Could these be symptoms of pregnancy?


        Those are symptoms of pregnancy. I think that you should wait and see if you get your period when you are supposed to. If you don’t get it, then buy a test or go to a clinic. I was having a lot of those symptoms after I had sex too and it might be that you are just really worried and stressed out about it. I just tested and it was negative and I had every symptom of pregnancy!! Who knows…Or maybe you should go to your normal doctor if you think it is taht big of a problem.


          Thank you…!!


            Maybe you are just stressed out take some alone time. 😛


              you know you might be right katie. I’ve broke my virginity at the end of april. and i guess the guilt of doing it and not married stresses me to assume that i might be pregnant. but i really haven’t experienced these symptoms. there was one time when the condom slipped on May 15, 2005 but i have received my period june and july. i have taken 2 pregnancy test to feel better. so maybe i should stop having sex so i wouldn’t feel guilty. what you think? :blush:

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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