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      Okay. I’m 15. I slept with my boyfriend who is 21. We had sex 7/21/06. & many times since then. My last NORMAL period was 7/18/06. I had a period 8/8/06 but it was light & only lasted 2 days. I’m not going to take a pregnancy test for about another week or so. I haven’t even dreamed of telling my parents until I know for sure. I’m having some symptoms like pains in my lower abdomen, naseous, eating more, tired, etc. I just want to know if ya’ll think I’m pregnant.

      Your Advice is Needed & would be great.


        Ok Sister, let;s take this one thing at a time:

        1. If you are having sex with a man, then yes you can be pregnant. It’s that simple, Don’t think a condom, or a little pill, or some wishful thinking can make that untrue. Sex makes babies.

        2. Take a pregnancy test. They cost about $15 a pack of 2 and it is worth it. You can get one just about anywhere. Take it in the morning and it will tell you what you need to know to answer the pregnancy question.

        3. The boyfriend: Although it is fun to have an older boy’s attention and affection…is this the VERY BEST situation for you at 15? You have whole whole life to date, but being 15, 16, 17 and 18 only happens once. It is a very special time where you can spend all of your energy figuring out who you want to be. Why not take a break from dating and sex and spend your time becoming the best person you can become? Although your feelings for him are so strong today, you might like being by yourself and allowing yourself time to grow much better. Try it. I say this because I had a best friend in high school who dated and had sex with her boyfriends from the time she was yoru age to today. She was too scared to explore who she wanted to be, and to follow her dreams. So instead of facing that fear, she just went from guy to guy. We are now almost 15 years past that time in our lives (High schiool) and I can see how those decisions to become sexualy active at 15 have affected her. In some ways she never grew up. She was just always focused on her boyfriends and what was going on in her dating life.

        Later in life the most confident, healthy women I know took time to be young women before they took the complicated step of sex. It has made a positive difference in their lives. I too, was sexually active for a while when I was 17. I also thought for a few days that I was pregnant. After that scare I decided to wait to date and I was able to just allow myself to grow up into a woman. It was worth it. I was worth it.

        All the best,


          take a test, dont hesitate. see a doctor. dont hide it from your parents. i had a miscarriage and i dont know why, i just wish i had seen a doctor sooner.


            You might be pregnant. Those are symptoms, and some women do bleed. Although if you bleed to much, it could mean a miscarraige, and the pain in the lower abdomen…I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. That could also mean a miscarraige, but I hope not.

            If you are pregnant, good luck.


              You could be pregnant. It’s perfectly normal to be scared to tell your parents as well. I’m 16 and 9 weeks pregnant. If you find out you are, you should really tell them ASAP, that way you can see a good doctor and look at your options.
              Hope that helps!

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