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      I had an abortion when I was 16, nearly 11 years ago…the guilt I feel now is just as strong as it was then. at the time I could see no other option. I was so torn & regretted it straight away…I felt so alone after. I hated myself & did attempt suicide & then had counselling…
      I went on to get married & have 2 wonderful daughters, but it was always there in my mind that I didnt deserve this life after what i did…
      i still feel that now. about 18 months ago i had a miscarriage & blame myself. people say its 1 of those things but I really feel its payback…
      this amongst other things have caused my marriage to breakdown.
      in my head i know i shouldnt feel like this but in my heart i feel its what i deserve..
      I know i will never forgive myself for my acions.


        You know something hun, you will always regret the abortion. But you don’t need to be a slave to your guilt, or let your marriage suffer for it, or feel that the miscarriage was ‘payback’.
        Jesus can set you free from all of that. Really. I know that it sounds cliche or whatever, but He is truly the only one who can forgive you and set you free from the abortion.
        You don’t need to suffer for your abortion. Because you know what? Jesus died to set you free from it.
        I love you, I really hope that you can get to a point where you can enjoy your life!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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