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      I am the type of girl no one expects to get pregnant; 14, Church going, kind, well off, i get good grades, had tons of friends, and generaly do nothing wrong. Well that is up until august 15 i did nothing wrong. I was angry with my parents and i ran off to my boyfriends house. He knew i was angry and he took advantage of me. I thought nothing of it until i missed my period. I took a pregnacy test with my friends and i came up positive. They were all there just staring at it with me. Since that night none of them have spoken to me, it’s like they didn’t wan’t me to hurt the reputations. I called my boyfriend the other night and he is in denial, and without him i have no idea what i am going to do. I haven’t told my parents yet because i can’t face them alone, i have no idea what i am going to do. Why did this happen to me, why do i always screw things up.


        I am 16 and 6 months prego. You didn’t screw up. You did what a teenager would do… only got pregnant.. lol You can get child support off of him. I thought of my pregnancy as a "mistake" at first with me being so young, but its not. its actually a blessing. I mean, im not the religious type, but i believe that if God intended for this to happen to you, then theres a damn good reason behind it. Ya know? I strongly DIScourage you to get an abortion. Pllllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaassssssseeeeeeeeee don’t get one. I know it’s going to be really really hard, but could you really live with yourself after killing an innocent child?? <<<— i know that sounds a little rough but i had to go through my WHOLE family telling me I was a screw up and for me to get an abortion. I said no. Your parents CANNOT force you to have one. They may make you think so but they can’t. By law they cant.. You can get WIC, which is where they give you free juice, milk, cereal, peanut butter, cheese, and eggs during your pregnancy. Then when the babys born they give you formula, etc.. You can get so much help its unreal. At times you may feel that you cannot do it and you really did screw up. Just remember that youre not the only one out there that has this problem. there are thousands of people like you and you CAN do this. One this is, you NEEEED to tell your parents no matter how scared you are. You NEEED to get an appointment for the gyno (female doctor).. They will tell you everything you need to know. You need to watch your diet with salty foods and unhealthy foods, and etc.. If you need anything, let me know and I will help you



          i know exactly how you feel.

          you need to decide what you want and then only go to your parents other wise they will try and tell you what you want.

          this is your baby and your future.

          everything happens for a reason and sometimes the reason doesnt show until a few years down the line but this baby is a part of you now and his or hers destiny lies in your handa.

          follow your heart girl and you can never go wrong.


            Girl let me tell you something: Im 24 and im pregnant .This is my first baby and I was so depressed like you,at first.My babys daddy knows what happening but he hasnt called since he knew even thou he is not in denial.Ive felt that few people dont talk to me,but why? Im a human being and maybe I got pregnant not at the perfect way but God blessed me with this beautiful baby.I dont care what everybody say,cause we are not the first neither the last with this problem.So dont think that all you need is your bf cause is not true ,you just need to take things easy andthink what you really want.Dont take it to fast cause you may do something u really dont want to do.About the peolpledont talk to u , just dontlet themkmake you feel bad cause I dont think they are really your friends.Please! talk to your parents as soon as you can,remember the are your family and you need to take care of your baby now , God loves you a lot!Good luck !!


              i think to be able to tell your parents you will need some one to act as a mediator because i’ve been in the situation you’ve been inand i found it helps if you have some one to help you break the news to your parents i hope everything goes fine for you 🙂


                Oh hunny, I know you feel like you’re all alone and that no one understands what you’re going thru but you have so much help around you. First decide what you want to do. I am religious so I believe that there is a reason that you did get pregnate, I believe that God wants you to have this baby, but in the long run it is your choice to make. Second you have to tell your parents. It’s hard yes but they do need to know. They can get you the help you will need with doctors and helping you get WIC and all of that. They may be upset at first but they are your parents and if they are any kind of good parents they will help you out and back your choice. Third go to a doctor. You need medican and check ups and all of that stuff and it is important that you get it. Fourth talk to your boyfriend face to face, explain to him what is going on and the choice you have made. If you are worried about talking to him alone, have someone you trust there or near by. And fifth, if your friends were to abandon you like that in your time of need they are not real friends and you don’t need that extra stress and pressure around you right now or people like that around you now or ever. Sounds harsh but I don’t think that’s right that they would do that to you. If you need anything we are all here for you. Best of luck and God bless… And remember, you can do it, you are strong enough and you are NOT alone.


                  u didnt screw up think of it as a lesson just dont go and get a aboertion its the worse im telling u from experince thats why im having this baby cause i never wanna go thru that again


                    I think you should tell someone, and go to the doctors. I think it’ll work out- just follow your heart…

                    Best Wishes and Good luck…


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                      Sweetie let me tell you something. God doesnt make mistakes & a baby is a true blessing from GOD! You know what? WHEN GOD REALLY STARTS BLESSING YOU, YOU REALLY FIND OUT WHO YOUR TRUE FRIENDS ARE. Its like right now you dont understand, you are confused & scared. But you have to pick yourself up and trust in the Lord. He is by your side everyday & he will be here for you every step of the way even if your BF, your friends, or your parents wont be there. But I think you should tell your parents because you need their support, and love right now. You have to take care of yourself mami. You have a life to think about right now, and more than anything you need to just trust in God. He is here for you rather or not you think so. We all make mistakes and no sin is bigger than the other. You just need to ask God to forgive you and move on. And your BF…You need to kick him to the curb. If you think he took advantage of you and isnt here for you…he doesnt love you. You should keep your baby, love and support it in every way that you can & put that loser on child support. Sorry to be so blunt…but its just time for you to move on. Its plenty of guys who will love you & your baby. I hope everything works out for you. Just trust in God he will be here for you.



                        u didnt screw up…im 16 and im 28 weeks pregnant. i was scared to tell mi mom at first but then once i did it i was sooo releived!!! just please listen to me and all these girls and DO NOT get an abortion…thats wrong….!! please dont do that..if u have to..adoption is a much better answer then abortion. anything is a much better answer then abortion..my mom tried to make me get one when she first found out but then after a few weeks of her calming down and her going to my sonogram with me…she was fine and now shes buying things for the baby!! so good luck to you!!


                          you didn’t screw up….youre just like all of us teens on here…u had sex and happened to get pregnant………i believe that if God wanted it to happen then that’s why it happened…..i am 17 and pregnant and i was even on bc and i still got pregnant……don’t hate your self for doing something that was supposed to happen and don’t be afraid to tell your parents…..if they are really the religious type than they will forgive you and help you……..
                          you are their daughter……….and they will love you no matter what!!!!
                          hugs and good luck wishes,


                            your not a screw up.im 15 an pregnante.i told my mom the first day she took it realy well and i asked her to not tell my dad until i was ready.which wasnt much long after becasue it ate me up inside.And you know what for the temper he has he took it so much better than i thought.like one of the other girls said please dont do an abortion. YOU can do it. i know you can.god made women tough for a reason. Screw your boyfriend hes the one missing out on all the beustiful sonogram appointments and the amazing feeling of the babys kicks.except the ones in the ribs lol.To tell you a secret im terrified but there is so many supportive people out there and on here. im on wic, and medicade and i live with my boyfriend and his mother.I made the first appointment for everything. my parents are just there for support and they still love me.Cause thats what parents do. Just call the nearest obgyn and say you took a test and your pregnant and you need an appointment. They wont judge you either.:) and if your friends were true friends they would be there for u like we all are.Im herer if you ever need to talk.:P


                              please dont have an abortion, it will be the worst mistake you will ever mske, trust me i had one two months ago and i wish everyday that i did not go through it.



                                Awe, im so sorry. I know what your going through. I was 15 when i got pregnant i was so scared to tell me parents but i had to some way. So i wrote them a note. And i thought they would kill me. Turns out they were there for me and supported me the whole way. Have you told your parents yet?


                                  You didn’t screw anything up. I’m a "good church girl" too and even we make mistakes! I hope that you don’t get on urself too much bout it! If ya need someone to talk to, I am here! 🙂 Your parents will love you no matter what and they’ll forgive you and ya know what – they’ll love the baby just as much as they love you!!!


                                    Being a Christian isn’t about being perfect, but about being forgiven. If your parents live by their faith, and I’m assuming they do if you were a churchgoing girl, then they’ll forgive you and support you too. They might be disappointed and scared for you at first, but they’ll come around. I agree with having someone mediate if you’re scared to tell them. It could even be your doctor. Give them time for it to sink in. I know some folks have awful parents, but only you know your parents’ personalities. Good luck.


                                      I was young when I got pregnant and it was hard telling my parents. They wanted me to get an abortion at first but I just said I could not do it. I felt so alone and scared – for me and the baby. My boyfriend (now my husband) was suportive but it was hard because he put me in the middle of my parents. he resented them for wanting me to have an abortion. I live in the south (bible belt), straight – a honor student, even passed up a full academic scholarship to have the baby. It was so hard at first because you feel like your parents will hate you and people will look at you differently and even get ashamed. But I am telling you, this did not last long. My parents came around and I do not know what I would do with out my little 7 year old girl now. It was hard but worth it – 100%. there is nothing like being a mommy and like someone said, there is a reason for everything you may not see it now. I have 2 babies, and pregnant again. My family is not rich, but we are not poor – we have what we need and it did work out. i see the bigger picture now. I know you are scared but the best support you will have is from your parents. they may get upset, but I promise they will stll love you and when they see the sonogram and feel the baby, their hearts will melt. Please let them know so you can get a check up and make sure all is well! i wish you the best of luck and will pray for you.


                                        you need to tell your parents and start thinking of doing it yourself or if you have a good friend who can stand by you while you tell them-it doesnt sound like your bf is much help right now.
                                        no matter what, you can do this and you can have this baby-even if they all reject you. it is your body and your baby. sometimes when peple are mad or shocked or disappointed they say mean tings, but just hang on, time will heal and in the end they will be ok becasue they have to be for you. so dont get scared if the worst seems to be happening, it wont stay that way and if it does, you have lots of friends to support you and us here on this site. there are alot of resources to help too. pray to God and he will guide you and protect you-he will not let you fail. you can do this. i am praying for you too.

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