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      It will be a year since i fell pregnant on the 15th march. its been nearly 9 months since the worst day and worst experience of my life.

      I have spoken to a few people and they say the pain and guilt will get better and go away but it gets worse every day that i wake.

      All i want is my baby back, im still with my boyfriend and he is extremely supportive but i feel like i cant talk to him but everything as much as i want.

      i dont really know what to write, i dont know what to say to express how i am feeling. i dont know what to do anymore, the pain is unbearable!

      i want my baby


        hey sweetpea i think u need some professional help, healing takes time and u have to find a way to express what u are feeling, i think the reason it gettin worse is coz u holding it in which is not good for you, if u are not comfortable with a professional councellor then yawk to someone you trust n bear your soul, but it mus be someone who will really listen… my best wishes are with you, good luck, n if u wana talk, feel free


        sophia roses mummy

          heyy hunni 🙂

          i agree with nadza, i know exsactly what your going thru and im really hopeing the pain will get better and like disapper anmd the emptyness inside will go away, but the truth is i dont think youl be able to forgive yourself until you let yourslef forgive yourself if you get me?
          im going to see a conceler and a therapist and it does really help honest, maybe you should give it ago?
          or try nameing him or her and write a letter for forgiveness that really helps it helped me and one of my bestfriends and my cousine’s gf maybe it would be a good idia for you too hun?
          im here for you if you ever wana talk hun

          love and hugs gabby xxxxx


            Hi Hun,
            I’m sorry to read that yr still going through such a difficult time. I really wish that there was a way to make everything go back to normal, but to be honest, it is a long and often difficult journey to healing.
            I fully understand what yo umean when you say that you feel unable to express exactly the way you feel and that you don’t feel you can say everything you need to to your bf (mine sometimes feels offended by the things I say about the way I feel) but you need to let it all out. That means letting out EVERYTHINGyou’ve been bottling up and holding onto these last 9 months.
            As you say, your bf is supportive and understanding… He knows that this is still hurting you so much and I’m sure that he also still feels sadness, but just in a different way to you.
            I agree with the other girls that you should consider seeing a therapist and perhaps when you’re feeling stronger, think about trying couples therapy.
            But, untill you’re ready, you ALWAYS hahve us here at SUG (“,)

            I really hope that in time you’ll learn to forgive yourself and heal from this.
            Much love and support
            Evangie xoxox

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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