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      I am a little over eight weeks pregnant, and it doesn’t seem real. When I think about the future, and how I am going to be having this baby with my husband by my side, it doesn’t seem real. I cant see the baby, and I don’t see me getting bigger, as the baby grows. Is that normal? Why cant I visualize all of this. Why cant I get it through to my own head that I am pregnant, and that this is happening? I am excited, and yet scared at the same time. It is so weird. Growing up, I have NEVER wanted a kid, and I am not sure that I do. Could that be why? I know that I will love my child, and I will give it the best home that I possibly can, and I think my views on that subject will change as soon as I go to my first doctors appt. But why cant I visualize all of this?

      I really hope someone can help. 🙂


        Yes, it could be that you were not anticipating having any children, that why it might not seem real. But it is!

        I didn’t *grow* with my baby until I was almost 6-7 months along. It will certainly become more "real" to you when you start to feel the baby move. Right now it’s normal to not feel much of anything. But it will come soon enough. Just wait till you are able to see the baby move around in your belly while you’re laying around. It’s pretty freakin’ cool. B)

        princess Angela

          i didnt start to feel really pregnant or any differnt until he started to kick and move ….. which was about 18weeks when i first felt it…. but i wouldnt worry too much about it at all…


            maybe because its happened so quickly.


              I havent really felt pregnant this time around either. With my daughter i was very aware i was(still, when she was born i was like that thing came outta me??? lol) but this time i had no morning sickness or any other symptoms at all. My belly started to grow fairly quickly, but i didnt really ‘feel’ pregnant. Still dont and im almost 28wks. I get kicks braxton hicks, backaches and the works at this point, but its still hard to impossible to believe that there is a baby in there.


                I had my little girl when I was 15. I couldn’t get it through my head that I was pregnant…even up to the birth. And personally, bonding with Rhiannon went really slow for me; I didn’t really feel attached until she was about 2 years old! That’s a really long time! I mean, sure I loved my child and I was never neglectful in any way…she and I were still attached at the hip and the one day I got an all day break (she was over a year old by then) I was constantly worrying about her and I would even get panicked sometimes. "OMG where’s my kid" would run through my head about every half hour or so. But I didn’t feel BONDED to her until she started to really develop a personality that I felt like I could connect to. It just depends on the mother. Some moms bond with their kid while they’re still in the womb, some can’t grasp it until they’re holding their baby in their arms…others, like me really can’t get their head around it for a lot longer. So don’t worry, you’re going to love your child unconditionally – no matter what. And when you do finally connect with your kid it’s a feeling nobody can describe and it will be something you’ve never felt before. It’s worth the wait. Though, I would like to say I am experiencing my second pregnancy (I’m 16 weeks along and just getting my little bump) and I do notice a vast difference in my mindset and acceptance that this will be a baby, and another little person to love. So maybe that gets easier after you have your first kid. Just a theory though! Good luck!


                  I’m 36 weeks and it STILL doesn’t feel real to me. I just feel fat and uncomfortable. Pregnancy has not been the best experience for me, but I’m sure that once I’m holding that little baby in my arms it’ll finally hit me. I love my baby more than the world and if anything happened I don’t know how I’ll survive – but that doesn’t make this whole pregnancy thing any less weird :p
                  Maybe you’ll be like me and wont ever feel comfortable with being pregnant, or maybe you’ll wake up one morning and feel like a glowing ball of joy! :cheer:
                  Either way, I wish you the best of luck!


                    I felt exactly the same nearly everyday… even wen in labour i cudnt believe that i was actually havin a BABY… i was guna b a MUM!! it seemed jus so unreal n still does sumtyms to be honest.
                    i look at my daughter sumtyms whos 10 months n think i cant believe ur mine n i grew u etc.. So I wudnt worry to much because your be a great mum + if u find it hard at first dw we all do!!
                    Hope rest of pregnancy goes ok xxx


                      don’t feel too bad about the pregnancy and everything not seeming real…i’m 38 weeks pregnant and i still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that i will be someone’s mommy very shortly…i already love my son more than anything, but it still feels surreal most of the time…mostly it’s because i can’t believe i’m actually capable of making this little baby who’s already so perfect…


                        Don’t worry too much about it, I was in complete denial with my first pregnancy.I was 16 and it didn’t feel real to me until I was about 7 months.At the beginning I couldn’t believe that there was actually a baby growing inside me, so it took awhile for it to seem real.That is common I think so even if you don’t feel attached now,as soon as you see your baby it’ll be so incredible.I didn’t feel that instant bond when my son was born,of coarse I loved him but it was so hard at first.Eventually we developed a very special relationship, so everyone is different so don’t stress about it.Everything will work out I promise!

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