why does my mouth feel this way?

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      please can you tell me if its common in other women to experience oral thrush during the first few months of pregnancy? im 10 weeks and had all the way through so far. ive been to see my g.p but nothings working please help x


        i had a lot of oral problems in the first two months, including a VERY PAINFUL infection/virus that gave me these painful blisters on my gums and tongue. i could not eat or drink anything, even water, with out so much pain that i was in tears. so to answer your question i would say yes it is kind of common, and it is a fact that your mouth becomes more sensitive during pregnancy. thats why many girls, including me, gums bleed everytime you brush your teeth. i hope you feel better.

        gina lynn


          Hi my name is Kristen.. I had what I thought was thrush but later found out that it is a uncommon pregnancy symptom called hairy tounge. I know it sounds disgusting but it is somthing you might ask your gp or even see an OBGYN about..


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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