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      My boyfriend and I were very happy and planned on getting married and moving into together and all that good stuff. Until all of a sudden one day when I was 35 weeks pregnant he didn’t act like he wanted anything to do with me and he made tons of excuses for why we couldn’t be together and I found out there was another girl involved. And then he said he wanted to work things out but he never really made an effort. Until one morning he came home and "made up with me" then when he got to work he texted me and said he didn’t think he could do it after all. And he finally moved out and since he’s still been telling me he loves me and he "thinks" he wants to get back together and after we sleep together he seems to change his mind. He’s dating the girl from before but she’s gone to the military and she has no clue he’s cheating. And now he’s saying he’s thinking about comming back home and I want him to so bad I’m just so scared he’s going to break my heart again. Why can’t I say no? I feel like such an idiot! But I love him…


        Oh wow, that sounds very stressful and sad for you. I am so sorry you are going through this, it is no fair at all. Well, I personaly feel you schould definitely NOT get back with him. Stop taking him back, he is just an ass whole that acts like he loves you when he wants sex. He sounds like a major jerk to me. For one, since he is seeing another girl behind your back, that shows he is not loyal and committed with you. You need someone who you know will always be by yourside and your babys side and that you know will never leave you. You and your baby deserve the best. Please dont let your feeling of not wanting to be alone take charge. Just know that you can do better and will eventually find the man that will treat you with the respect you need. Also you dont want your child to be around him, because you will never know when he will just walk out of you and you kid. You dont want your kid to never know if his or her dad will come back. I hope I helped hun. I am truely sorry.



          🙁 omg tell him no you cnat because you love this man but you have to tell him no cause hes going to do it again. dont have sex with him either totally cut him lose i know it hurts n its going to but its going to be beter for you n your baby you dont need a part time bf n dad theres prob a great guy out there some where ofr you n as long as you stick with him youll never know or find him.good luck


            honey look u aren’t being stupid ur just stuck ur blinded i noe how u feel im in an abusive relationship and i cant seem 2 leave either i wont accept cheatin though last time i 4gave dat i got pregnant and alone and then i met my boifreind and u can guess bout that but anyways look u have to be strong ok stop lettin him trick u like dat that and have sex with u ima be blunt he’s just using u 2 him ur a bootycall sry but i had 2 say it i dont want to hurt ur feelings he’s doing this 2 u u because he knows u will take him bak cuz u pregnant with his child but just think be realistic ok u dont think that wen dat girl comes bak that he aint gonna do it again he’s just horny ma please b strong 4 ur baby u can do it i did it its hard but u can do it i loved my babydaddy but i couldnt take it it will be hard it took me almost 2 yrs 2 get over him and it will be hard 4 u especially wen u give birth but just think is it fair 2 ur baby 2 have 2 go thru seein her mommi sad orfellin it cuuz babies do noe no matta how young just think of ur child and im sure u will make the right decision


              Things are hard to see through when you are in love, but listen to those around you. He obviously is playing with your head and knows he can, thats why he is doing this to you. Seems like he has a fight with the other woman and then he comes to you vice versa. I hope you can work it out

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