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      I have been off birth control since last year (2005) and me and my fiancee have been trying to have a baby for about four months now. I took and ovulation test recently and it came out negative (And I know you are supposed to take more than one) and I am afraid that I might be infertile. I don’t know what to do. I am sad because I really want a baby. My mother had a hard time conceiving my sister and I. My father and her tried in their twentied but didn’t end up getting pregnant until she was thirty-two. I am afraid that this will happen to me or that I may never become pregnant. Can anyone help me? What should I do?


        First of all you got to stay calm cause I know is not easy.Im 24 and I thought that I was infertile .Even thou i never had taken birth control pills.I had many boyfriends and never got pregnant when I wanted it but now that I wasnt even looking for it I am pregnant.i had hormones problemas too and I was very scared I think you should trust God before everything and stay calm.Keep trying and dont get obssesed with having a baby,ull see when u dont even think of it u will get pregnant!Good Luck!


          I would say keep trying…these things can take time…but if after a year you havent conceived…i would seek help…..also how long were you on BC for? Good Luck!


            i agree with the other girls…..you need to just relax and let it happen…..i have heard this old wives tail thingy that says if you are trying it won’t happen but if you just wait and let it happen it will……not that helps ne….but u should be patient…..you being on bc that long might be one reson you haven’t gotten preg yet…..sometimes it takes time for all the horomones of the bc to leave your body and for your ovaries to start ovulating again…….although that wasn’t the case with me…i was taking bc and i missed like 2 days and got preg……

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