Whining at 3.5 months!

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      My 3 1/2 month old daughter is already whining… she whines when she is not being held. She doesn’t cry… just whines. I don’t know what to do about it, should I just let her whine, should I go and pick her up?

      Yes, I am guilty of holding her too much when she was tiny… I held her almost 24/7. All of my family holds her constantly too. I’m trying to get people to put her down and I have not been holding her as much. :S Which I don’t know is the right thing to do either.

      But besides that I just feel so bad she will just keep whining if I don’t do anything. But I feel like I’m an awful person for just letting her sit there and whine:( . Then when I do something about it she laughs and smiles like “:silly: Yes, I got what I wanted!” and like it is all just a big game. I don’t know what to do… HELP!


        I had the same problem with my son. I am not a person that thinks a baby can be to spoiled, but if you hold a baby from the moment he or she is born. Then the baby is going to want to be held (And learn how to get you to hold her.) With Maddex, eventually I let him whine for a while. If she’s screaming then pick her up, but if she’s whining, I would let her learn to occupy herself.


          Some of the best words of wisdom I have ever received were these, If your child has had plenty of attention, has a full tummy, is not thirsty and has a clean diaper then it is ok to let them cry….You can and will teach your kids to cry and whine by giving in and caving into their every whimper, yes, we need to keep them clean full and happy and make them feel loved and special but this list has made my life so much simpler…I do not have to feel guilty or question my parenting by letting my kids cry or whine or go without something that is not a need when these are checked off…Love Meg


            lol 🙁 fustrating right.
            its impossibe not to spoil your baby thats what my mom told me when she saw me just letting my baby cry.
            That doesnt work ..
            The trick is,,,, do not hold your baby all the time. Pick him up play with em put him down. needs to learn how to be independent if u hold him all the time like while u making his bottle … Your baby will neeed u for everthing and u wont get a break u wont be able to take a bath alone or sleep in different beds. Do u want ur baby in the bed with u till the age 5 . mine is 5 he still in the bed with me. But my second baby i didnt spoil and she does everything alone yes she sleeps n her own bed..
            lol good luck

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