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      hi, im 16 and went theough a rele rough time when i first found out i was pregnant, my bf didn’t know if he wanted to stay together, my dad wanted to disown me, evryone was telling me i couldnt have the baby, but i fought against them, i was willing to give up evrything, my future career, my family, my bf, evrything for that one tiny precious person, my parents still didnt like the idea but they got used to it, my bf decided he wanted to be a family and evrythin was lookin up, on tuesday i went to the hospital for my very first scan, i was finally gna get to see my baby, my bf came with me and we were so excited, then in there, she had a look around and said’i’m sorry but its not good news’, my heart sunk strait away, she told me that i’d had a missed misscarrage, the baby had died at a very young stage but the sac had carried on growing, i had had no bleedin or pain so definately wasn’t expecting that, i’m now undergoing medical treatment to make me misscarry, on saturday i’m goin into hospital for the second and hopefully last bit of my treatment, when its all over i can finnish greiving for the baby i’ve lost even though i’ll never forget her, i don’t know if it was a girl as i was only 10 weeks pregnant, i just always had a feeling in the back of my mind it was a girl, just like before the scan i had a feeling that when i went in they would tell me i’m not pregnnt anymore, i’m not saying i’m spychic i’m just saying to all you girls, whatever your inner voice is telling you, don’t listen completely but listen carefully and follow your heart!! good luck to evryone xxxx


        wow…thats a really sad story.God bless you.wow…i feel for you.thanx for sharing

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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