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      I think that I may be pregnant, and I want to take an at-home pregnancy test, however I’m not sure if it’s too early to take it.

      I know that some pregnancy tests are able to predict whether you’re pregnant or not up to a few days before your missed period. The problem is, I don’t know when I’m supposed to get my period.

      I’ve been on birth control since January, however recently (and stupidly) I haven’t been using it correctly. I sometimes skip days, and don’t take my pill, and then at the end of the pack, instead of taking the pills that would give you your period, I don’t take those, and take all the pills that I’ve missed that month, and just "skip" my period that way. I recently found out, that when you skip a day, you’re supposed to take that pill, even if it means taking two pills in one day. So, I assume that for the past two months or so that I’ve done that, the pill hasn’t been working correctly. Is that true? Or was it still working, since I never skipped more than one day at a time?

      Anyway, I haven’t had my period since the beginning or middle of July. I haven’t had sex for awhile, except a few times almost exactly four weeks ago. If I am pregnant, which I think I may be, that will have been when it happened. Sooo. Is four weeks after "conception" too early to take a pregnancy test? Should I wait for a little while longer, and hope I get my period?

      princess Angela

        4 weeks after conception is fine you should get a accurate result from that as i was 3-4 weeks when i found out i was pregnant and any time before that it just came up negitive…Also you could go to the doctors and get a blood test result they will tell you defently if you are or are not pregnant. As for you skipping periods im not sure about that because i have never done that before but i dont suggest that you keep taking the pill that way.

        I hope this helps


          I dont think it would be too early at all, if you had sex 4 weeks ago, then it would be fine to take a test. best of luck to u.


            yes it should show up now there is also thses new tests that can tell you like a wk later. but they are expensive. good luck

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