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      Ok so I had unprotected sex like a week and 2 days ago and im suppose to get my period ne time now!!but im not getting crampy like i do bfore i get my period or anything…so when should i take a test is it to soon???should i wait till my next period???im so lost


        Hi, and I’m sorry you’re feeling lost and confused. There is power in educating yourself about your cycle and your body as a young woman. For now, I can advise that there are pregnancy tests that you can purchase at a drug store that will pick up the hormone level in your urine very early. You can get a pack and try now, and if the test is neg. then wait a few days and take the test again. (4-5 days later) Your body will begin to produce the hormone levels at a stronger ratio as you progress into your pregnancy. If it’s positive I would then advise seeking a friend who has your best interest at heart and who has some faith in God. Your mom may be a wonderful person to turn to at that moment and discuss her supporting you in this and if you feel you cannot keep the baby, then look into adoption opportunities. But, please don’t resort to murdering your baby. You will never be rid of the pain and loss of that life.

        God bless you in your situation,


          ok so ti went to the bath room and i was spotting and its been like 2 days and no period is that normal…so it isnt to early since its only been a week and like :laugh: 3 days? im going to get a test right away and if i am prego i wouldnt get an abortion i would keep it..thank u for helping me


            Did you take the test? What was the result?


              Hoping you are alright!
              Did you every take the test? It’s good to hear that you will be willing to keep the baby if you’re pregnant. Abortion should not be available to anyone.

              Let us know how you’re doing.


                yes i took 2 test 3days apart and they booth came up neg but i think they were really cheap ones becuase when i opened up the pakage to get the test out u can alreay see the neg line just not as dark…..and also someone told me that a medication i take can cause a false result so idk.but still no period and my breast just started leaking


                  hey hun go to your doctor and get a blood test!! they are super accurate.

                  best of luck


                    Breasts can leak at any time during a woman’s cycle, even without being pregnant. You should just go to the clinic and get a blood test taken. It is the most accurate and will relieve you of some worry and money.

                    I will advise you however, that if you aren’t pregnant, take the opportunity to abstain from having sexual relations with your bf, or any other bf in the future, until you are married. There is a huge risk you could become pregnant at any time regardless of your efforts….are you prepared to handle the responsibility? There is also a risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

                    Please reconsider your private life with regards to your body, your future and living a life of purity until marriage. You can make a change NOW, regardless of how you’ve lived up until now. Also, the choices you make to improve your life, can have an effect on other young girls and you may start a new way of thinking within your close circle of friends. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that you helped make a difference in teenagers lives?

                    Good luck,

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