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      well i just wanted to know when should i stop , cause my girl is almost 5 months, and shes been eating gerber like two weeks ago, she eats like half gerber (1st step) a day, or a tablespoon of cereal, she has excellent weight maybe a lil bit chubby


        Well, most information says that as long as you are physically able, you should continue to bf for the first year. You ahve already given Sasha a great start in life by bf her this long. But the advantages of bf’ing aren’t only for her, they are for you too. You bond with your baby more by nursing them and it helps to keep u accountable to what you eat and drink as well. It also helps to keep off some added pounds even tho you look really thin anyway. 🙂 And babies are so much cuter when they’re chubby! And since you can’t give baby cow milk until 12 months of age, breast feeding is so much more affordable! Formula is very expensive. You’d go thru a can of powder every 2 days and each can is about $13.


          Hey thats great u have been breastfeeding for this long. Breastfeeding ages is totally your own personal thing.
          Id go to about 12mths though but thats what i would do. so keep it up if u feel you still can.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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