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      This is my first baby,,and Im really scared about going n2 labor!!! what is it like when your water breaks?? And what do contractions feel like n the very beginning??


        i think it varys from person to person but when i had my son i was in labor for months, contractions feel like a pressure kind of like a cramp at first. mine where mostly in my lower back. i had to have my water broken but it feels like a gushing sensation. the contractions increase drasticly after your water is broken. Hope that helps.


          I had to have my water broken so I can’t really answer that question. Contractions feel like period cramps, they just get increasingly worse. Labor is painful but you will quickly forget it when they hand you your baby. It definitely worth it!


            well w my daughter the dr had to break my water w my son it broke on its own at 2am…when i woke up i felt like i was laying in a swimming pool. and every mins there would small gushes of water. on the to the hospital about 1/2 after i woke up (2:30am) my fiancee had to stop a few times so i could get sick.my contractions didnt start until about 2 hrs after my water broke..and like everyone else said they start out as uncomfortable cramps and gradually get worse but the pain all goes away when u hold your precious baby for the first time..good luck and its really not that bad i promise it may seem like it at the time but after you push your baby out it all goes away.


              Well I have had 2 children and my uterus is heart shaped so I carry sideways. When my babies would turn sideways I had to go in and have them flipped. NOT FUN!!!! They gave me medicine to "put my uterus to sleep" so it wouldnt send me into labor and then covered my tummy in mineral oil and pushed and squeezed untill baby was head down πŸ™ NOT FUN!!!! LOL so I have never been able to go into labor on my own (good thing…babys dont come out sideways πŸ™ ouch) When they broke my water (both times) it felt like a river of warm thick water gushing out of my body (eeeewww) and like I was peeing my pants. Every time I would have strong contractions more water would come out. My last labor I sat in the tub for a while and it was better because I was in water so it didnt matter that water was coming out hehehehe. When you first start having contractions it feels like your skin over your belly is giving your tummy a hug πŸ™‚ they get more and more painful as you go along like the worst period you have ever had….but worse. by the time you are in full blown labor it hurts so bad it feels like the lower part of your body has just been severed off!!! (that is the point when you realize "what was I thinking, having sex before marriage????") I agree with hotmama that once the baby is out and in your arms its like you never went through the pain at all. Now I have been told that some women dont lose alot of water when the babys head is way down …the baby acts like a plug so when you are at that point and you think your water broke but it is only a little that is probably why. Also from what I have been told ALOT of womens water doesnt break on its own. They do that in the hospital when you are in labor. Well I hope I prepared you for the kind of grose side of becoming a mommy.(once you are a mom not to much groses you out or embarasses you) I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and birth πŸ™‚ God Bless…Meg

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