When is your due date?

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      Thought it would be fun to share due dates, maybe get a chance to meet other girls who share the same date, or close to it.

      I guess I’ll start. I’m pregnant with my first, the due date is July 23. Which means I’ll be HUGE for the hot Florida sun. awesome…


        hey hun, im from the uk where we dont get any sun, but im due 7th june 2008!!! im 22 weeks now!!!! I cant wait. :cheer:


          im due 4th of august with my second

          princess Angela

            I Am pregnant with my frist and due July 31st lucky i live in aus hahah


              at first i was due July 4th, but hwne i went in to find out what iwas having i was actually farther along than the doctor said or my baby girl just has a big head! lol so now my due date is June 26th!


                Im due May:cheer:


                  im due on my 20th bday september 24 2008!!!!


                    im due on september either 14,15,16 2008 doctors telling me all 3 different due date my sonographer confirm the 15th so i dont no wat to think cant wait to have my baby


                      :cheer: july 25th


                        my due date’s on April 15, i only have about another month to go…lol…i feel so much farther along than everyone else. πŸ™‚


                          I’m due April 29th. Soon soon! But let me tell ya, not soon enough. haha πŸ˜›


                            Im due June 13 2008 with my first… its a baby boy… :laugh:


                              haha weeeell im due june 26,28 or july 4th! my doctor is goin by the july 4th one but my mom is goin by june 26th cuz thats 2 days after my grandmas birthday, she died almost 2 years ago.

                              but anyways we will just have to wait and see when my baby girl wants to come!


                                I just found out not to long ago. So far I am due in November. I have a long wait until then. πŸ˜†


                                  I am due June 2. I am 31 weeks pregnant today!! πŸ™‚


                                    i’m due sep 5 . i find out the sex on my b-day apil 7 . i’m havin mixed feelings of happiness,excitment and fear.:blink:


                                      I am due July 9th according to my doctor, July 2nd according to ultrasound and June 24th according to my calculation dates, all I know is that the baby will come out sometime in the mix of those dates and if not then my doctor is inducing me on the 10th of July for sure…LOL…


                                        im due october 29, i got a long way to go


                                          My baby boyy is due July 29th !


                                            im due july 15 πŸ™‚


                                              believe it or not, im actually due december,25th πŸ˜€ christmas. maybe he/she can hold out and will have the same birthday as my sisters baby, new years eve (: hahah.


                                                I’m due september 1!


                                                  I’m due June 20th according to the ultrasound and July18 according to the doctor I still think that both dates are like forever I cant wait til I have my lil person with me:)


                                                    My due date is May 3rd. (5/3/09)


                                                      wantingababy wrote:

                                                      I might be pregnant(don’t know yet cause i’m too scared to take a test) but if I am I would be due 01-03-09 (Jan. 3rd)

                                                      same situation but i was told id be due dec 15th 08 πŸ˜›

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