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      :whistle: hey just wondering when do you start to show? I am 5 weeks, i look really bloated. Last time iwas pregnant i started actually showing around 7-8 weeks, but not like showing, just a small, noticeable bump to me. what about everybody else???? also, do you start showing earlier in your second pregnancy???


        i had a bump at 2 months


          Most women show much sooner in their second pregnancy. This is my first and I didn’t really ‘pop’ until about 26 weeks. It all depends on your body type.


            I started showing around 3-4 months & were in maternity pants around 5-6 months…

            How are you doing?



              yea, this is my second so i’m 6 weeks, not showing, but i look 9-10 weeks preggo. is actual baby larger? why do you get bigger, quicker on the 2nd????


                i started to notice that i was showing around 4 months…..and what they say is that you show sooner after ur 1st baby…..so that’s what i’ve heard…lol…. 🙂 ….one of my friends started to show when she was about 2 or 3 months, and another one of my friends who is one wk behind me (i’m 24 wks) has been in maternity pants for like 3 wks now…and it’s her 1st baby….it’s all dependant on ur own body type…i’m just glad that i’m still fitting in my pre pregnancy size 7 (that were slightly too big when i got them)….lol


                  my first pregnancy i didnt start until about 4 mths butit all deends on ur body type too. This pregnancy i didnt really show until about 5mths

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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