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      How many weeks was everyone when they started to show? =)


        i started showing around 25 weeks.


          I was about 19 weeks :)!


            It all depends on how big you are before you are pregnant, I was about 5 months before I started showing and you knew it was a baby belly.



              I was 8 weeks before you could notice with my first but only started to be obvious at 15.


                I’ve had 3 babies and I started to show at different times with all of them. With my first 2 I started to show earlier on (because they were bigger) but with my last I was able to hide it til I was 20 weeks. (Well, I had people telling me I was still hiding my belly at 35 weeks, lol.) But my last was only 6 pd 9 oz so she was always small. But yeah, it all depends on how big you are to start with and how big bub is.

                sophia roses mummy

                  i was 10 weeks with sophia but with my first baby who i had terminated i was 12 weeks. x


                    well i was really sick during the whole pregnancy, i lost weight till I was about 6 months but i started LOOKING pregnant at about 28-29wks. I was ALL baby. I atually left the hospital weighing 1 pound less than before i was pregnant. Whoever came up with the term “morning sickness” was so very wrong in my case. For me it was all day/night sickness for 9 months….


                      Well, I am said to be about 26 weeks (with no ultrasound) and I am supposably not showing yet xD But I can tell a little bit, but you can’t tell Iam pregnant.


                        im showin abit now im 9 weeks but you can only tell if you look closely 🙂 xx


                          me about 4months a little bit but the obviously is about 5moths


                            I wasn’t noticably showing until around 25weeks. I could hide it for a long long time… I could tell at 18 weeks I was getting a little bigger but no one else could.
                            The week before last people just started asking when I’m due.
                            I was HUGE in the very beginning from just being constipated, worst pregnancy symptom ever, but after that went away I shrank teeny tiny with a little tiny round belly. Everyone’s different though(:


                              i’m showing and i’m 8 weeks. i started showing like 2 weekss ago because my teacher walked up to me and asked if i was pregnant, thats the only reason i really know, besides me taking a EPT((:

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