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      I just started working a few weeks ago and I am not sure how to tell my boss that I am pregnant .. i dont know if its his reaction im scared of or what .. I also need to come back to the job later on after the baby is a couple months old .. im jsut worried.. im 21 weeks pregnant now and im not showing yet or anything.. when do i tell him?


        you need to tell your boss before the pregnacy starts to interfer with your job so that he/she wont question you when you cant do certain assignment


          now would be a good time! your gonna start showing anyday now. don’t be scared. i know how scary it is. I told one manager the day after i found out because somethings i have to do danergous. He flipped out. "your too young! i can’t believe you did this!" i’ve learned to ignore them. THere;s nothng he can do about it. And is he continues then he’ll be fired!!! But i had me fiancee tell me other manager because i was affaird since of the other reaction that i got!


            i told my boss the day after i found out but she is also my boyfriends "adoptive mom" cuz he never knew his parents. i met him thru her. go ahead and tell them! i got a raise and a promotion after i told them. and i get yelled at for doing things that might hurt me or the baby "dont carry that 9 pound puppy! go sit down ill do it!"


              definitely tell as soon as possible. they may be able to help find you a comparable position in the company that would be better suited for you. plus they would be better able to understand why you have difficulty doing certain tasks and be better able to assist you. don’t be worried about your boss or whoever flipping out at you. pregnancy qualifies as a medical condition and under certain laws you cannot lose your job or be discriminated against in any way because you are pregnant. also, when you do have to go on maternity leave, you are protected under the family and medical leave rights act [i think that’s what it’s called] whereby you cannot be fired if you take a leave of absence for legitimate family or medical purposes [and maternity leave/care of a newborn child is one of the legitimate medical purposes].

              if they act like complete jerks about your being pregnant i would suggest finding a job where they will treat you with respect regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not. you don’t deserve to be treated like a second class citizen during these wonderful months leading up to birth.

              the only reason why i’m saying this is because about a month ago i worked for mcdonald’s [where i’d been working since high school] and when they found out i was pregnant i got my hours cut from 40 a week to 4 a week among other things which i won’t mention here [people being rude to me]…. and i was one of the best workers [was training for management] and everything. now i’m working in a department store and getting treated a lot better. so yeah, you definitely don’t need to deal with being treated badly in the workplace.

              well… best of luck!! let me know how things go! 😛


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