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      Im 5 months pregnant and i wa jus wondering.. when do you start showing .. i know everyone is differnt but i jus wanted a general idea cuz im not showin at all… It bugs me sumtimes cuz im always feelin sick or sumthin and i gotta deal w/all the bad pregnancy stuff and i cant even have my belly… maybe its also cu i havent gained any weight yet either.. maybe im wierd, maybe .. i jus wannaknow when i get the belly.. thanx, jackie


        hey hun, well im four months pregnant and im barely showin too, i havent put much weight on bt im only 16 and wasnt fat in the first place. My theory is if u dnt put much weight on or show much by 6 mnths its a girl lol… dnt ask why cus i dno!
        Anyway, jst eat more! lol, thats wat im doin cus i wana see my baby grow! She’ll pop out soon and ull b wishin she wa bk in there lol!
        Much love x.x.x


          Well it all differs im only 3 months and im showing a little bit :cheer: so it just depends


            Dont worry. I did not begin to show unitll the end of my 5month. I am now 6 and people think that I am only 4 months. I am perfectly health and the doctoer saids not to worry. Before this I was a size 7/8 and I have only gained 10lbs. They say if you were small (petite0 you wont gain as much and also you are young like me and active.


              I didn’t really start to show much at all until I was somewhere between 4 and 5 months pregnant. It seemed like I just sort of popped overnight. I’m definitely showing now (at nearly 7 months) but am still not very big yet. It varies with each girl and each pregnancy.



                Well Im Now 17 Weeks And Still Not Showing I Too Have Not Gained Any Weight.


                  well i am 3 wks and i have not ganied any waite either

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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