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      hey whas up i was just wondering about when all you girls for thoes of you who are pregnant when did you belly first start to show , well im 4 months and 3 weeks pregnant and my belly has not shown yet and i cant wait until it does people say that it looks as though it is but i dont think so what about you


        hi there! I am now in the 38th week and my belly started to show when I was about in the end of the 3rd month- beginning of the 4th. But I was kinda thick there b4, so I dont know! But all girls carry differently, I had a friend who didnt show AT ALL until the end of her 6th month but she had a big healthy baby…she just carried it more inside, towards the back… but I do know how you feel, I couldnt wait for my belly to start showing, but now it is showing too much! : )


          Well I started showing around 3 1/2 half months with my first but I couldnt see the difference untill I looked back at the pictures…when we have a slow growing process day after day it is hard to notice but those who dont see you everyday will be able to tell if they havent seen you in like a week or so….If you were atheletic and had strong tummy muscles before pregnancy then you wont show for a while…a friend of mine walks about 3 miles a day and does aerobics and excercises all the time and when she was pregnant she didnt even have a tiny bump until 5-6 months and at full term you could hardly tell she was pregnant…everybody is different and as long as your doctor isnt worried enjoy your small tummy while it lasts LOL after two kids I miss having a small tummy LOL well I hope this helps….Meg

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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