when did urs?

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      [color=#800080]when did ur baby do things like roll over, laugh, crawl..etc?
      i’m just wondering cuz my almost 4month old just learned to roll over and laugh, and he’s trying to sit up on his own….[/color]


        My son started crawling at 5 months, and sitting upright by himself at 6 (which was a long time ago lol). But he was an early starter, sitting up at 6 months is normal, but a lot of babies don’t start crawling until 6 of even 9 months of age. And then there’s even babies who don’t crawl, but bottom-shuffle instead lol (I’ve never seeing it, but I’ve heard a lot about it).


          they all develop on a different level both of mine r a few mos ahead so their doing and have done everything early.my daughter was walking a wk b4 she turned 9 mos my son is 10 mos and is trying to walk but isnt full blown walking yet so it just varies. my daughter skipped crawling altogether. my son prefers to crawl everywhere. my daughter was 9mos and climbing on stuff my son is 10 mos and can only climb up on stuff really low to the floor. she was climbing on the bed at 10mos. so every baby develops at a different pace..just be patient and your son will do stuff when hes ready:-)


            Hey my son started to rolover also at 4 months and started to sit at 5 and a half differs from each bub hun!


              hey! well my daughter just turned 5 months and she started to laugh around the beginning of her 3rd month, rolled over around that time too (3rd) and she sits up on her own now, since about the middle of the 4th month. She also has a tooth… she just hasnt crawled yet! = ]


                Skye-smiled at about 6weeks, not sure when she laughed. She sat before she could crawl which didnt make sence and that was about 7/8mths so dont stress.All babies are different. She walked at 12mths.

                Jordan- Has a great laugh on him and started around end of 3mths. Rolled over both ways at 3mths. I think he is going to do things alot earlier than Skye did.

                Dont stress


                  ok thanx for ur replies, but im NOT worried. i was JUST wondering because my babys doc said that he is advanced for his age. so i just wanted other moms to tell me when their babies did these such things….so please stop telling me not to worry because im not.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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