When Can I Test?

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      On November 10th I had a tiny bit of spotting that I barely noticed.Since then I have been feeling a bit quesy on and off throughout the day,my boobs have been really sensative,my back has been hurting and my cramping has gotten a bit worse(I have had constant mild cramping since the summer,which I did get checked out).My periods have been messed up since September.The longest cycle I have had since my periods have been messed up is 28 days but before that my periods were quite regular every 36-37 days.

      I was just wondering when should I take a pregnancy test?
      Also is it safe to get a pap smear done if I am pregnant?


        Hey sound like you are getting a fe signs but it could be ovulation pains are something also.
        The best thing to do is figure out when u last had sex and to a test when it has been 2weeks since having sex.I hope that makes sense to you lol 🙂

        Anyway i think you should wait and test before having a pap smear as it coould be harmful to the baby.


          I agree wait two weeks and then test…i know how you feel my cycle was all messed up.
          Its prefectly safe to have a pap smear when pregnant..infact if you havent had one, they recommend you do because abnormal cells are more likely to show up then. I had one with this baby and it hasnt done me any harm.


            It is not harmful for the baby to get a pap smear. The OB made me get one when I went in for my first appointment for my pregnancy. They have to make sure that you don’t have anything wrong, because if you have a STD it can be transmitted to your child during birth and they need to know before hand so that they can either treat and cure it if possible or so they know if they are going to have to perform a C-Section.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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