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      hay i am 15 and i have a big problem! i have been throwing up for like 8 days.i have had a non-stop head ache for a week and my back has been killing me. i’ve took something for both and it just don’t seem to be helping.
      i have been having to go pee every 30 min.! and today in class i went to get up and i almost fell over and when i sat back down and went to look at the bord it was blurry i mean my boyfriend wants a baby now! and in a way i do too but i’m just scared because we’re doing alright now but what about in the future if he changes his mind and its too late! i just don’t want to be alone and my baby not have a daddy! and also my dad tells me if i am then i have to have an abortion! i’m not going to do that because in my eyes a baby is an angel sent by god! and if i am what am i going to do? well i goto the doctor to morrow at 4 so wish me lots of luck!!! thanks chandie :sick: :blush: :ohmy:

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        Good luck with your doctor’s appointment. I’m glad to hear that if it is positive you will choose to have the baby. Please don’t let your dad or anyone else push you into an abortion. It sounds like if you are pregnant that your boyfriend is being supportive, which is helpful.

        If it is negative though I would not try to get pregnant. Wait until you are both older and out of school. Wait until you know that the relationship will be a lasting relationship. Perhaps your boyfriend will one day make a great husband and father, but there is no need to rush things.

        Good luck either way.



          Hey Chandie! I hope everything went well. I’m so glad you will choose to have the baby if you are pregnant! Please don’t let anyone influence your decision. Just trust me on this one cuz I’ve been there. Please keep us posted and good luck to you!!!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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