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      whats the chances of getting pregnant on the "pull out" method?

      i was just wondering.
      because me and my bf do not use protection,
      just the pull out.

      thanks. 😀


        that is what me and my boyfriend have been doing and now i am waiting to see if my period comes…anything is possible. all it takes is one sperm to get in. i have read many forums that say they got pregnant on the pull out method. good luck!!


          well they say 98% but thats bull heres one for you what do you think about this 98% i have been preg 7 times n 4 of them we used taht method so the chance is as good as any.


            The pull out method is only 75-86% effective if done correctly, meaning the guy has total control over his point of ejaculation. Me and my fiancee got pregnant using this method, all my friends that are pregnant or have had babies have gotten pregnant on this method, as well as many on the numerous mommy sites I am a member of. So as my opinion and many others never use this method if you truely do not want to end up pregnant.


              hey trust me its sooo possible to get preg that way and aparently ur chances are even higher using that method

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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