what’s the chance i could be pregnat? HELP please

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      hi my names sarah and im 17 yrs old i would like some advice as much as possible please
      I had unprotected sex on the 14th day of my cycle he came inside of me
      i have been experiencing lower back ache, im always tired even if ive had a really good sleep feels like i dnt want move in the morning, my body aches and my lower stomach feels a little harder but hardly anything. i rnt gettin sore boobs or feeling sick… im really confused can anyone help me please?
      thanks x

      someone please help me!!!


        heey sarah um the best thing to do is wait till ur a week late for ur period then take a preg test to make sure coz it sounds like u cud be…


          Hi Sarah, when you hahve unprotected sex there’s ALWAYS a chance of falling pregnant. What yr experiencing could be pregnancy symptoms, pms or even the common cold… So, the only way to be sure is to take a test when AF doesn’t show up.
          Good Luck and keep us posted.
          Eva xoxo


            You could be pregnant. What you should do is wait until your period is one week late and then take a HPT or get a blood test done. Good luck!


              Hello Sarah,

              I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, but I also have a feeling you may be pregnant as a result of having unprotected sex. (even those using protection can become pregnant, since birth control fails more times than not)

              Getting a blood test done is the most accurate and waiting until your period is late by 5 days or more will increase the hormone level in your system that indicates pregnancy.

              If it is positive, then you will have some planning to do for the arrival of your baby. Hopefully, if you are pregnant, you will have loving, supportive people around you.

              I’m not sure how old you are or what your situation in life is….but if you need any other advice or guidance, please let us know.

              God bless,


                thank you all so much for ur advice on what i shud do
                just lately my back hasnt been hurting as much but still there a little bit.
                feel sick now and again but not very often and im exhusted all the time.
                my period should be due on the 19th april so i shall wait see what happens.
                As for my life situation it is very stable at the minute i have a very loving and caring family and a mum and dad who would help me through it all if i was. im 17 aswel πŸ™‚
                i would look after my child and love it unconditionally .. i no it was stupid of me to have unprotected sex but i new the risks and if i am then its my responsibilty to look after my baby.
                any other advice welcome appreciate it all and im confused!!
                thanks again x

                btw the past 2 days my nipples have become really sore!!! πŸ™ please help me


                  i know how u feel about being worried but u wont know till u have missed a period. im 17 and due in 5 weeks but im up to scratch with everything. if u need to chat u can.


                    It’s good that you have a supportive family who loves you, but it is even more important
                    that you will be willing to take responsibility for the choice you made to have sex before marriage. Whether it was protected or not. Do not be misled or confused, you can become pregnant while using all forms of birth control…….except one, ABSTINENCE!!

                    Take one step at a time this week and get your test done by a doctor. We will be here to help you, but what exactly are you confused about?

                    You are not alone,
                    God bless


                      thank u πŸ™‚
                      im jus really confused cus i dnt no if its just a phantom pregnancy or i actually am :unsure:
                      the past 2 days my nipples have become sore and ive been really bloated i still always feel exhusted aswel
                      if you could give me any sort of advice as to weatha u think i am or not wud be great.
                      pleased to hear tha ur pregnancy is goin well. do u no if your having a little boy or girl? x

                      myangel- im confused bout if the things im feeling could be pregnancy symptoms? thanks 4 all your help i appreicate it loads πŸ™‚ x



                        Yes, it could be a phantom pregnancy, and your symptoms could be indicating pregnancy. They are true symptoms of early pregnancy, but they are also symptoms of pms for some women. Sore nipples, bloating, nausea, headaches, backaches, dizziness, tiredness, and mood swings are all symptoms of both cases.

                        You will not know for sure until you show up late for your period by about 5 days and get a blood test done at your doctor. It will be the most accurate test.

                        Let us know if you need any further advice or guidance.
                        God bless,


                          im due to come on my period 2moro so i will have to let you know what happens .. my back still hurting and im still really tired


                            right heres whats happened so far
                            i never come on the date i was due which was sunday the 19th april but late this afternoon i went to the toilet and wen i wiped myself there was a little bit of blood which was like discharge :unsure: im confused about this so could anyone help me out?
                            thanks x


                              i came on my period last nyt its quite heavy so im guessin that im not pregnant?

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