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      Im so anooyed with my boyfriend!!
      I feel like he dosent care sometime about me being pregnant and the things we have to get etc for our baby! because everytime he gets money he dosent buy anything well need for our son when hes born or anything he just spends his money on like a video games etc i wouldnt mind but its jsut he buys nothing for our baby even when he says he will!

      And what does my head in even more is that he gets like £30 money from college as i do but when he gets it him and his mate just go and buy cannabis and spend the whole day smoking in his room and i hate it its like whenever he gets say a tenner or something hell spend it on that!
      He was even gonig to spend £110 on it last month

      Even his sister thinks its stupid and he should be spending some money for the baby or atleast saving some

      and because hes not getting any money this weekend he asked me to buy it for him as were going to a party on the friday but thats with the money ive been paid for working my butt off the last 3weeks!

      It never annoyed me before i got pregnant but now i think ive come on all maternal and mom like its really starting to bug me!!

      Hes not a bad guy and that its just he needs to learn to sort out his priorities, should i talk to him about it? im not sure what to do x


        Yes you should talk to him…after the baby is born you can get court ordered child support…they dont always pay but it will catch up to him in the end…you should read my post titled child support….I would keep doing what is best for you and the baby for now and give him space to grow up….DONT SLEEP WITH HIM AGAIN…if you keep sleeping with him you are telling him that what he is doing is ok and its not….I have also learned the hard way…I have two kids from two dads and I wasnt marreid to either one of them…having sex before marriage is a very dangerous thing to do…I have been married now for 5 months and my husband and I waited until our wedding night and it was so worht it…even yesterday we ran into my daughters father at walmart and it was an akward situation..she didnt even know who he was….if I had waited until marriage to have sex my daughter wouldnt have had to go through this and my son would be spared also…I would never take back the fact that I had kids…I do believe that the Lord would have brought my same kids along in marriage though had I waited….I think it is awesome that you can see now that your boyfriends lifestyle is not healthy..stay away and let him change if he is going to but dont count on it….one day if this guy doesnt shape up and marry you a wonderful man will stroll into your life and love your baby as his own and he will treat you with respect…let us all know how this turns out…you’re in my prayers…Meg


          Girl I would definetly talk to him about that, you have to let it off your chest. It is not at all wrong for you to be thinking about this, it is right because you are being a good mom and thinking about your baby! You really do have patience, i would probably explode and go nuts on him if he did that to me. You should tell him, he is going to be a dad and needs to see this fact and start helping out, it is his baby too! And about that smoking thing…that is not at all a good thing to be around when you are pregnant! I think he gotta stop that to. He just needs to see that he is responsible too for getting you pregnant and if he wants a part of this he needs to act it. I know you are saying that he is not a bad person, I mean he is your bf and you must love him to death…but he does need to open his eyes and heart a bit! For his son!


            i had the exact same situation as u except mine was more when my baby was born – he gave up smoking it when i got pregnant but he started again shortly before my boy was born but i guess u could say he did it respectfully (if thats possible) he nevers buys it (only duz it when offered) and it was never ever allowed to be smoked in the house or anywhere near me. I made it clear that if he ever made me feel like pot was more important than me and our baby our relationship would be over.
            He definitely needs to start focusing on the future and realise hes about to be a dad and he wont be able to do that sorta stuff as often as he wants, and that his family is more important than his "hobbie"

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