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      My last period was on October 11, 2006. I had unproteceted sex in early November. I have taken a home pregnancy test and it came out out negative. My stomach is getting bigger by the day. Can you please help.


        hunni i think ur pregant


          i would take another test, or go to the doctors


            I couldn’t say yep your pregnant straight away but wait another wk and then do another test or go to the doctors if your still feeling ‘weird’.


              take another test cause thats when i got pregnant and you took it to early. if your pregnant it will come up positive now.


                take another test, you probably took the other one too soon


                  sounds like youre pregnant but its improbable that your tummy is growing bc of the baby- its most likely from bowel swelling caused by early pregnancy and it will probably get a little better before you start really showing. take a test and GET INTO THE DR! this is the most important time for your baby to get whats essential for growth and you should be on prenatals! good luck babe!!


                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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