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      Hey everyone…..ive never done anything like this before but i am really confused? I am on the pill and i have had unprotected sex a couple of times with my long term boyfriend now. i have missed a pill last month and always forget to take them on time and now my body is acting really strangly….my stomach feels really hard, im bloated all the time, i need to pee like all the time and i know it sounds wierd but i feel really nauseas but only really late at night? I have started a different pill as the old one i was on wasnt right for my body and now im unsure of whats going on? I also have not had a proper period in a while..i kinda had one but it wanst blood at all:s if you get what i mean. ive taken two hpt’s last month but both negative? am i worrying over nothing??
      Please reply i need some advise??
      Thank you x x x


        well brith control really messes with your body and it could just be side affets..it happend to me a couple times.

        i would test again now
        then about a week later. and no period comes test again another week later.

        but its best to just "act" like you are PG untill you really know if you are or not…like no smoking no drugs..blah blah
        and take a prenatal vitiman everyday!


          i would either put it down to changing pills or you could be preg but if you are pregs then i wouldnt wanna be taking the pill so maybe get a bloodtest to be sure.


            Thank you very much to all replies! they were very helpfull….took two more tests…but still no period…i still have tender breasts and a seriously bloated belly…:( im so confused coz if i was pregnant? wouldnt it show by now? my next period is due in two days time?
            please help…..


              what do you mean, if you would be pregnant, it would show by now? I never had any symptoms of being pregnant, besides missing my period, if you are taking birth control, and you think you are pregnant, i would go to the doctor and make sure. Otherwise wait to see if you get your period in the next couple days, if not i would say go to the doctor. maybe the birth control is just messing with your body


                i didnt show until i was 6 months pregnant. i didnt find out i was pregnant until i was 4 months pregnant so you never know i got 4 negative pregnancy test before i got a positive one i took one every month anyways though it may be the birth control but if i were you i’d stop taking the pill and stop having sex until i could get a blood test.


                  *well birth control pills have a major effect on your body especially if u dont take them as directed. i recomend you go to take a blood preg. test since they are alot more accurate than urination test simply bc diffrent things such as the temp of the preg tests storage can affect the results as well as how old the test is*

                  *have you ever experienced any of those symptoms before?*


                    If you are still unsure, go to the drs and get a blood test. I was on the pill when i got pregnant this time… it can happen.


                      erm by ‘it would show by now’ i ment wouldnt it appear on a hpt? as ive take four? x


                        yes thank you for the advise, i will wait a few days as my next period would be due then and ill test again…well i have had the bloated stomach before but havent had that for a while and im not sure how that may be related to the new pill i am on? x


                          Hey everyone just thought id tell you that im not pregnant, thanks for all the help and advise:) xx

                        Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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