What’s better a C-section or a regular delivery???

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      Well im 5 months pregnant right now, but i’ve been researching and I wanna be really prepared for when I go into labor…
      I want to know what you think is better

      a c-section or a regular delivery??? Im really curious cause I have low tolerance to pain.. and well im 19 and I dont want to have a huge scar… I dunno Im confused



        Hi, I had my first child by C-Section at 19 and now at 27 my scar is hardly noticable, c-sections today don’t leave you with a huge scar.

        C-sections are normaly only done for medical reasons so the advantages are basically that you would be putting the health of you and your baby at risk otherwise if you had any of these. Exam,ples would be breech birth, a very large baby, or fetal distress where the baby isn’t getting enough oxygen in labour.

        I have also had three vaginal births and in my opinion these were much easier, epecially in terms of recovery afterwards. For me having a C-Section made it hard to care for my son, and made breast feeding impossible, I found the experience quite traumatic.

        That’s not to say that this is the case for everyone, I have a friend who found recovery easier and thought c-section was a more pleasant experience by far, but the she had medical problems that made labour particularly difficult for her.

        If you choose to have a vaginal birth my advice would be to inform yourself about labour as much as possible, to keep mobile as long as possible in labour, and try not to be strapped to the hospital bed!, also try to avoid induction, it hurts more!

        google active birth, epidural, and generaly get informed as much as you can, and look forward to meeting your baby 🙂


          I heard with a C-section its a small insertion(small enough so the baby could fit through) that years from now could be barely noticable. It could vary from woman to woman but I would prefer regular delivery b/c if you keep getting C-sections the area could scarRRRRR up.


            Hey, I had three vaginal deliveries and I know that I would prefer those to c-section. Not only does c-section limit the number of children you can have – most doctors will only do 3 c-sects, and each pregnancy after your uterus has a chance of rupture where the scar is – but the recovery time is much longer and more stressful on your body. A c-section requires surgery where as vaginal delivery is just delivery. Our bodies were made to deliver vaginally, not through surgery.

            Don’t get me wrong, c-sections are great when they are needed in cases of emergency but they are very over-used and should be a last resort, not an option.


              hey.. thanks for the advice.. im planning on only having two children 😛 but who knows.. LOl


                I had my first vaginal with epidural and pethodine and felt nothing which in a way was good but i never experienced it really coz i couldnt walk afterwards to see her.

                My second arrived at home and i just cant describe what that was like, it hurt a little bit, nowhere near as much as i thought. But in my own environment it was amazing. hubby nearly delivered.

                I would never go c-section unless it was for baby and mines safety.


                  I Vback would be more rewarding. Since you can’t deal with pain you could have the pain med. My aunt did that and her leg fell off the bed and she didn’t really know it…lol

                  Yes… vback would be better you don’t have to worry about the pain after the c-section.


                    if u have a low pain tolerance try to not have a c-section, because that’s a major surgery and with ne surgery come prolonged pain….and a vaginal delivery is not that bad…also if u have one c-section u usually have to have more for the ore kids u have…


                      i had 7 babys normal dev no csection they usaually dont do csection unless theres a reason 4 it but the scar is small now not like yr ago. but def get a epud. it helped me big time. good luck


                        well i have never had a baby buttt.. i would say no go got the c section..

                        when i watch baby story on TLC…a lady will have a c section and when they take the baby out…the father usually holds the baby to the mothers face…and the mother cant even hold it!!
                        i dont know if its like that with all c sections.

                        its something to consider though…i know if i had achild i would want to be the FIRST person to hold my baby.


                          Well I’m 5 months to and I wanted a c-section but then my sister told me that when you have a natural delivery as soon as they take the baby out every pain you’ve been feeling for the last 10 months disappears. With a c-section you will still be sore and recovering for weeks afterward more severly. So I’ll go for a natural delivery now.:)


                            according to doctors, in the past few years deaths from child birth have been going up instead of down, because so many c-sections are being done that are not necessary and women die from blood loss and such. So avoid it at all costs unless absolutely necessary.. even if your doctor wants to give you one.. make sure its really really needed


                              well you seem to have mainly votes for C-section but ill give you my vote anyway-
                              I had an epidural and had my daughter by vaginal delivery and felt no pain! Most hospitals can give you an epidural when you reach your pain limit and are far enough dialated which only has to be around 2cm.
                              In a c-section you are awake but usually not that alert plus you cant see whats going on! Seeing it all happen is a great part of it all.
                              I interned in L&D for school while i was pregnant and assited in 18 vaginal deliveries and observed 8 C-sections. The women doing vaginal usually had wonderful experiences, even without meds most women say its a wonderful time b/c of the endorphin rush. A lot of women after C-sections are more groggy and cant enjoy it all.
                              I have low pain tolerance but taking an epidural and pushing through it all is a really rewarding experience! Mine was mostly pressure and my fiance made me laugh while i was pushing for all of 20 minutes so i barely noticed anything other than the joy!
                              good luck!

                              Kailey, 18
                              mommy to Faith, 11 days til 1 yr!


                                Vaginal is always the best if there is no other complications. Thats the way a womens body is made to have babies. The healing time is nothing compared to a c-section. I had a vaginal delivery with help with the suction because my baby was face up instead of face down. I had a really great expierence :o)

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