whats a girl to do?

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      okay……….about a week and a half after my period me and my mate had sex and the condom broke!!!!we didin’t know if it was b4 he came or after.every since then we’ve been just stressing out. i took one of those early response test and it came back negative and i got my period 3 days later but i then it was a day late. and but im still stressing out.it like once i figure out what the symptoms are i feel like i’m having them.but alot of the symptoms are normal everyday things for me (backache,headache). i feel like im making myself sick or whatever. is it possible that i still be pregnant?or am i streesing too much?


        you’re just stressing. if a test said negative and you got your period youre not pregnant!


          Your probably not pregnant but if you get this worried after you have sex about if your pregnant maybe you should stop until your married


            Hi well I was thinking and its kinda silly to get all worked up when thiers nothing u can do about it now. U already had sex. You should problably wait for resalts then talk to ur parents. but please if ur pregnant and need to talk email me. dont abort the baby. kno matter who aked u 2. U will never forget that. I hope God provides in your benifit.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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