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      I need some advice. I got pregnant at 17 but it wasn’t a mistake, I planned my pregnancy. I told my boyfriend I was on the pill but secretly wasn’t. A couple months into the pregnancy, I told him I lied to him…he was mad but still loved me and our unborn child. Our baby is now 6 months and our very supportive families still don’t know I planned the baby. Everyone loves our son sooo very much and my boyfriend and I couldn’t picture life without him. I LOVE being a young mom, everything worked out perfectly!! Should I ever tell my family I planned the baby or just keep on living life the way it’s been?? Any advice is appreciated!!



        i have never been pregnant, but i wouldn’t tell my family for now atleast. what if things would backfire and your family won’t talk to you? i would wait until you can support yourself and your baby before you tell them, especially since it has only been a bit since they had the "big change" meaning their teenage daughter being pregnant, and then a mother. that is a tough decision!

        i wish you the best and hope this was the answer you were looking for!



          do what your heart feels right, I can understand your fear of jepordizing how well things are going for you but if you feel the need to tell them then you should. honestly I think the only people you need to tell are your boyfriend and your child when he gets older. I understand what you mean about planning it, I manage to convince my b/f to forgo the condom whenever possible and I don’t know why. I thought I was pregnant a while back and was devastated to find out I wasn’t but I didn’t know why because it scared me, now I think I am pregnant again. I know my heart will be crushed if I find out I am not. I hope I helped at least some. If you do tell your family let me know what happens.


            Why ruin a good thing? If your family don’t know, it won’t hurt them…

            Perhaps you should tell the father however. Eventually it’ll slip out one day, better sooner than later, and he is the other half of your child, doesn’t he have a right to know that his baby is not an ‘accident’, but was rather wanted before it was conceived?


              I don’t understand why you wouldn’t have already told them. Secrets suck. They bring you down. You will feel much better once you tell them. If they don’t like it, they’ll get over it. Just start by saying, "It wasn’t a mistake I got pregnant." They’ll get the hint and then go from there. Love, Chanti


                Hi well i am pregnant and i am havin a abortion but i am unsure can uhelp


                  To Rebecca:
                  Let me tell you something. I was 20 when I discovered I was pregnant. Now I am 22 and Sofia is 9 months old. Everyday I look at her I think how beautiful she is. I am not talking about some off the wall comment. I mean, she is so beautiful I can’t even describe what more in life is beautiful. It’s just indescribable. After I think that, as she lay in her crib peacefully, I sincerely thank God because I know I don’t deserve this precious being. But God wants me to take care of her and love her. I have realized that every human being has a purpose in life, a divine purpose. He uses new life to bring happiness and peace into the world. Years from now, Sofia may save someone’s life or discover corruption in a political circle, I mean, you just don’t know. And for you to sit at your desk and cold-heartedly, without thinking, that you are having an abortion is unfathomable. You want to know what else I think? When I look at her body, I shudder to think of what an abortion would have done to her arms, legs, head, heart. She would have been ripped apart, piece by piece. I have seen pictures, I have read literature, I INFORMED myself of everything and that is why I had the grace and will to go through with the pregnancy. You should do the same. If you haven’t noticed, the population of the world, especially in Europe is declining. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. I was in your position, whatever you are going through, I have felt. I was alone, and very, very afraid. And as I write this to you, Rebecca, my little 9 month old daughter is crawling around playing with toys and laughing at herself in the full-length mirror on the closet door. You may not see the whole picture of why you are pregnant (as I wasn’t sure what it was either), but God does, and He wants you to trust in Him. The more you stress and worry, the worse it gets, ok? Just deal with the situation. Life is hard, I know, I never knew how much, but now I am familiar with that phrase. I didn’t run away from my problems, I didn’t buckle under pressure, I dealt with the hand I was given. I don’t like it when others don’t deal with their problems either. It’s almost an insult to all the sacrificing I went through. I hope you find the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


                    Hello – this is for Rebecca atually.

                    You said that you wanted to get an abortion, yet you are looking for help. Well may I say … yes. We would love to help you, but first you will need to help and make the right decision. The right decision is for life. Let your baby live. As you can see this website is FULL of girls that are full of remorse, sadness and guilt for having chosen abortion. Though abortion seems like the easy way out and then you think that you can then just go on with your life, when really you won’t. Abortion doesn’t make your BABY go away. It replaces the anticipation of life with the dread of remorse. Sadness. A deep guilt within you that is extremely painful and something that you will never be able to shake.

                    So Rebecca – please, come back here and get the support from all of the girls and Becky and I on this website. You can do it. You can be a Stand Up Girl.

                    There is a link on the right side of this screen and there is an Option Line with an 800 number where there will be someone there to actually talk to. Please also give that number a try. Let us know how you are.

                    Luv Lisa


                      Rebecca please rethink what you are doing. You can never take back an abortion. I know woman who are so depressed and even suicidal because of what they did.. May god be with you

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